Going Classic With Sex Ropes

The topic of bondage has been widely discussed and brought into many people’s bedrooms over the past decade, mainly because of the appearance in the books and films Fifty Shades of Grey. However, the BDSM community has been practicing bondage long before the movies or books.

While most people connect bondage ties with sexual or erotic activities, they don’t necessarily have to be about that. People often practice this activity for many different reasons, such as relaxation, building intimacy, or power-exchange. It might still sound sexual to some of you, but that’s just because you are actually kinky deep down. Read on and explore your kinkiness!

Technology and Its Convenience 

Bondage as a practice can be quite bland unless you include some sex toys. Thankfully, there’s technology. With new technological developments, you don’t only get new features on your iPhone — oh no. You get the newest and most modern sex toys. When we say the latest sex toys, we’re talking about the technologically advanced ones — the machines. You can even call them robots if that tickles you the right way. These sex machines are extremely convenient.

As we know, bondage involves so much more than just tying someone up. You have to have some other sexy elements involved, maybe some teasing or light penetration. It all depends on the mood. So how does this speak of convenience? Well, while your machine is doing the best possible job of fucking your BDSM partner — you can be off doing whatever else you want. Be involved or just stand back and watch your partner enjoy — it’s all up to you.

With machines taking over the market, you’d think that classic sex toys are shunned. Oh, you cannot be more wrong. Can you ever go wrong with a simple dildo or a vibrator? Not really. They might limit the number of things you can do simultaneously, but they can open a whole new world of pleasure.

Not to mention, they’re incredible for having complete control when it comes to teasing. With a machine, it either works, or it doesn’t. Both of these categories of toys have their perks — choose wisely.

Sex Ropes

Would you believe me if I told you that tie ropes used in a sexual context originally come from the Japanese military restraining technique of hojojutsu, which was then adopted by the Japanese rope bondage art form of shibari? You probably didn’t know this, but it kind of isn’t that surprising since we all know how Japanese people like kinky stuff.

Sex rope play involves the use of rope to limit someone’s movement, wrap or suspend a person, and it’s often a part of BDSM activities. Mind you — you need to obtain your partner’s consent and pay attention so that you don’t cause any tissue or nerve damage to them.

So when you tie someone up with a rope, it’s called a rope dress or a rope harness. Ropes come in a variety of materials and lengths. Traditionally, Japanese ropes are made of natural fibers, such as jute and hemp, which are cut into approximately 25-foot lengths.

Now, you might be asking yourself, why would anyone want their wrist and ankles and other body parts to be tied up in various sex positions? Well, as with any other fetish, it usually awakens some interesting feeling inside you, makes you feel a little pervy because your movement is restricted, or you might like to be the one that does the tying up.

Both men and women enjoy various bondage positions. It is about having an intimate experience with your partner. By now, you are probably a bit curious and maybe interested in actually trying this activity. It can often spice up your sex life in both an emotional and physical way, so stick around and learn more about it.

How to Enjoy Sex Ropes

There are many ways to tie someone up, but before you start with any rope play, you should discuss the limits and boundaries with your partner. Remember that the most important part is to feel safe and communicate along the way. You could even establish a safe word.

There are only two items that you need — a rope and a good pair of scissors. You will need a good rope first. There are a plethora of different kinds available. As we’ve mentioned, jute and hemp ropes are traditionally used, but materials such as nylon and cotton are popular as well. Many people who are well versed in this activity suggest cotton ropes to start.

How to Start

People who’ve practiced this for a while all suggest that before you start, you should watch some tutorials, for example, on YouTube. If you want something kinkier, there are plenty of porn sites you can find. Just remember that even if you watch a bunch of guides and tutorials, there is some risk, and you should be careful.

Some experts recommend that you should learn single-column ties first. This will function as a foundation for your practice. After this, you can start building on the fundamentals, such as tension and flow, which are important to understand. With this basic knowledge, experts suggest that beginners should then develop their skills further by learning additional basic knots and ties.

You should also try these knots on yourself first with someone there to assist you out of them. This can be a good exercise to help you learn and understand the sensation and comfort of ropes and how to communicate with your partner during rope play.


The bottom line is, as long as both you and your partner are safe, consensual, and can communicate clearly what you like and dislike, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t practice rope play. It is a great way to connect with your partner and discover something fun you two might enjoy together, even without the latest sex toys available in the market. There are so many more things you can learn about rope play, but it’s up to you to discover them.