Reasons Why our focus has shifted from Big Boobs to Big Butts

We’ve all noticed a change in the air. The debate about boobs and butts has existed since the dawn of time. Although a lot of people swear by boobs, saying they’re the softest thing ever and whatnot, things are definitely shifting! Let’s find why booties are more popular.

Celebrities as Role Models

It’s very popular nowadays for women to have a certain kind of figure. It’s all about the small waist and big butt. You can even say that nobody even cares about boobs anymore. We can definitely blame celebrities for that. 


Celebrities usually portray the standards of beauty. Being in the public eye means that they have to look their best at all times. Yes, even if that means going under the knife to satisfy society’s standards. Some of these celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and even Jennifer Lopez. When you think about any of these women, the first thing you probably think of is their butts.

That’s to no surprise because they really have a lot going on back there. The point is that exactly these celebrities started turning men from boob guys to butt guys. We totally understand and couldn’t agree more. 

Bigger Butts = Bigger Brains

This is something you might not believe, but it’s one of the many reasons why the butt is better than boobs. According to one article on, women who have bigger butts are more intelligent. How MTV obtained such information, we don’t know, but we definitely see how that can be a fact. 


Still, that’s not all. Besides being more intelligent, women with big booties will also produce smarter offspring. Yes, you did read that right. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. So, just because your wifey has a lot of ass doesn’t mean you’ll have smart children. 


Yet, this is something you can always hope for. Sadly, people don’t connect huge amounts of intelligence with an equal amount of ass. Having desirable physical features definitely doesn’t mean that these women have nothing else to offer.

Big Butts Improve Your Posture

You did read that correctly. Having a big butt can greatly affect your posture. However, just having a big butt isn’t enough. You have to exercise it because what actually helps your posture is having firm glutes


These muscles allow you to have a better posture. At least you can always rely on the fact that having a big butt will make you want to show it properly. This thought alone will help you start walking and sitting down properly. Plus, nobody wants to have a flat butt from too much sitting, right? So, let’s start exercising.

Who Needs Drugs When There Are Big Butts?

Here’s another unbelievable fact for you. Did you know that big butts have the same effect on men that drugs do? That’s right! Scientifically speaking, seeing a big booty stimulates the same reward part of a male’s brain that alcohol, drugs, or food usually stimulates. 


This doesn’t mean you can go around staring at women’s butts all day expecting some kind of gratification. Well, we’re sure it’s not the same for all men. They all get at least a little bit of what they’re looking for. Be that as it may, we don’t advise replacing food with looking at big butts. No matter how nice it may be.

A Big Butt Makes Your Waist Look Smaller

Ladies, this one’s for you. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have the much-desired hourglass figure, there is a way to obtain it. All you need to do is grow a bigger butt! Yes, it’s that simple. You can go about doing this in multiple ways. One of them includes working out. It’s true that exercising won’t only help you lose weight but will allow you to grow muscles in various areas of your body. One of those is your butt.


On the other hand, you can grow a bigger butt by simply gaining weight. It’s indeed easier than we all thought.

Squats Are Trendy Now Too

Since we are speaking of exercising, the posterior is probably the most popular body part women like to work on. It’s not just women, though. Men spend a good amount of time making sure their booties look good too. We definitely commend them for it. 


To work out glutes, people usually do squats. This particular exercise gained a lot of popularity nowadays. It’s no wonder. It definitely works the booty like no other.

Twerking Is All About the Butt

Lastly, let’s talk about one of the most popular styles of dancing of today. Whether you want to call it a style or a simple dance move, there are multiple ways to go about doing this one. It works particularly well if you have something to do it with. Big booties do bounce like that’s their only purpose in life. 


Some people also use this dance to exercise their booty. However, others use it to their advantage when they’re trying to seduce a potential partner. There are multiple ways in which you can utilize both twerking and your booty in general. Don’t miss out.


We’re hoping this explains why we’re all that butt guy friend who has to take a peek at every booty that passes by him. Some people might argue that boobs are what all the hype should be about. Although, it’s really hard to listen to reason when booties are as addictive as drugs.