I’m a straight guy, and I think we should utilize the butt plug more often. Here’s I think why:

A great thing that unifies all genders is the fact that we all have an anus. This poor little guy is tabooed by many misguided souls, but great sexual explorers who dared reach for the chocolate star discovered that the butt-hole holds many pleasures. Many women enjoy anal sex, but why should they have all the fun?!


We hope that our article will give you the right push towards including butt plugs in your sex life. Thanks to our pointers, you’ll understand that this sex toy can be orgasmically good for guys of all sexualities. The pros of using butt plugs are many, so let’s discover them.

You Don’t Want to Miss the Pleasure

The majority of people have deeply rooted prejudice toward anal play and all the toys that come with it. That is why a lot of women have problems opening up to the idea. But to be fair, there’s also a large number of women who do practice butt sex. Still, a dominant part of the population would find anal penetration unthinkable — straight men.


If we all have the same organ, and we can all derive pleasure from it, why do straight men additionally shy away from it?! “It’s for women and gay guys; they love to take it!” you can hear the scholarly arguments. There’s also the pearl of wisdom — “Anal penetration is gay, and I’m super straight!” This line of reasoning keeps many men in the dark when it comes to realizing their full sexual potential.


The sphincter holds a potent cluster of nerve endings that produce exciting stimulation if handled properly. These nerve endings can bring fireworks regardless of your gender and sexual orientation. What’s more, while nearing an orgasm and while climaxing, anuses contract and are highly susceptible to stimulation. If you include them in your sex play, they will heighten your experience.


Butt plugs are perfect toys for this. This sex aid can make anybody’s orgasm from great to earth-shattering fireworks. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman, a gay man, or a straight man — anal plugs will improve your sex life.

Butt Plugs Equate to Safe Sex

Generally speaking, most forms of anal play are best done when the participants are well prepared. Especially beginners should approach this sex act slowly, gently, and safely. Regardless of your experience, butt sex should contain hygiene measures, lubrication, and foreplay.


In case you’re new to the game, you should start small. Perhaps try softly exploring your nether region with your hands, and not just concentrate on your dick. Once you’re ready, try using your fingers on your anus in whatever way feels pleasant. Lastly, incorporate your butt plug into the mix.


Using anal plugs correctly requires quite a bit of exploration. You need to be comfortable with your body, and you need to discover what works for you. These are all building blocks for practicing safe sex: Do what feels good for you and clearly set up your boundaries. With butt plugs, you dictate the rules of the game, and you can make your sex session as safe as it is steamy.

It Promotes Independence and Self-Love

Butt plugs are a special kind of sex toy. Primarily, since you can use them outside of your bedroom, you can make mundane activities burst with eroticism. You can wear them at work, shopping, or even at the gym, without anyone knowing. Anal plugs are like your sexy little secret, with which you develop a special relationship. They can bring you joy wherever you go.


Even though they are an excellent addition to quality sexy time with your partner, butt plugs perform wonders when included in private sessions. Masturbation is something we all like to do, and most men are prime experts when it comes to pleasuring themselves. As orgasmic as jerking off can be, have you ever thought of bringing something more to your solo game? Well, anal plugs are a perfect addition.


Unfortunately, by being solely concentrated on their penis, most men end up missing out on erotic and highly orgasmic parts of male anatomy like the perineum, anus, and prostate gland. By incorporating butt plugs in your jerk time, you can get something extra from your well-practiced habit. Your anus gets activated when you’re close to climaxing. Why not make use of it?! Soon enough, self-love will become a source of great passion and sexual energy.

Butt Plugs Provide Practical Health Benefits

Butt plug users tend to be more tentative toward their bodies, especially the nether region. Firstly, anal play requires a certain level of hygiene due to practical reasons. It is highly advisable to treat yourself with enemas if you plan to have penetrative anal sex. Butt plugs will encourage you to do this highly healthy activity regularly. It’s great cleansing, and some people get their kicks out of it.


Additional health benefits of wearing an anal plug lie behind the fact that you are more aware of your sphincter. You can discover hemorrhoid problems, or generally, if your rectum is in good shape. If you suddenly feel a spike in discomfort while using your standard anal toy, maybe you should check it out.


Last but not least, there are specialized butt plugs for men that serve as prostate massagers. Get those; you’ll thank me later. Not only do they help you with mind-shattering orgasms, but they also massage your prostate gland. This helps with the blood flow to the organ and keeps it healthy.

We’re Not Being Gay

The biggest obstacle for many men in trying butt plugs and anal play on themselves is the notion that it will make them gay. So to clear the air out, let’s answer an age-old question: What makes people gay? Is it dancing lessons? Is it fruity drinks? No, people are born that way. If you’re into guys? Well, good for you. However, if you’re into women, no amount of butt play will turn you gay. Straight men using alan toys are still straight, just more worldly and adventurous than others.


Because of this misconceived fear and insecurities about sexuality, the majority of men deny themselves wonderful sensations. What’s worse, they don’t fulfill the sexual potential of their bodies. butt plugs can be enjoyed regardless of your sexuality. Straight men using butt plugs are open to new experiences and can get to higher levels of sex life. They are more adventurous but still straight.

A Straight Man’s Guide

If this was enough to tempt you to venture into anal play and ultimately acquire a butt plug, here are some tips to consider. Most importantly, ditch the bravado and start humbly. Your sphincter is a muscle that needs to be stretched properly. That means if you take bigger and even moderately sized butt plugs, it might hurt. Your first anal toy should be petite.


In case you’re browsing in a sex shop, feel free to touch your future toy. Try handling several models and see which material feels good for the touch. Also, if you’re checking an online store, check which models are visually pleasing. It’s your toy, and it should be inspiring for you.


Whichever you choose, the most important thing is that your butt plug has a wider base than any other part of the toy. This is a safety feature that is a crucial element of butt plug safety.


So what are you waiting for?! Treat yourself to a fresh and spicy erotic experience free of judgment and shame. Whether you’re getting something extra for your jerking session or you want to spice up your sex life, butt plugs are a must-have accessory for any man.