This is exactly what you should do to prepare for anal sex, according to experts

Those who never tried anal sex have a couple of things to learn. But even people who had anal in the past could still learn a thing or two. Here are some important tips on how to increase pleasure, what to worry about, and how to keep yourself and your partner safe.

Talk About It

One of the most important aspects of anal sex is communication. You need to talk about it with your partner. What you see in adult movies is not real. Anal sex preparations are essential, and being spontaneous is not an option. Furthermore, when it comes to anal, it is essential to understand that it has to be a “hard yes.”

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Even if it isn’t your first-time anal sex, you will still need to prepare before the action starts. Needless to say, if you are not able to talk to your partner about anal, you can be sure that you aren’t ready to try it out.

Even for those with more experience, there are still a few things to discuss, such as whether you will use toys, what type of lubricant you’ll buy, if there is anything else you want to try, and so on.

Experiment on Your Own

To prepare for anal sex, the best possible course of action would be to try experimenting on your own. The reason why this is so important is that you will learn how anal stimulation feels and how your body will react to it.


More importantly, you will get to dictate the tempo and go as slow as you like. It’s best to start with one finger. Once you get comfortable enough, you can try adding more fingers or using a sex toy.


If you are not comfortable with anal play or putting a toy/finger in your butt, it just shows that you are not ready for anal sex. This is perfectly fine. Not everyone has to do it, and if you don’t like it, just stick to vaginal sex and things you enjoy doing.


Playing alone will help you understand what you can expect from anal and how it might feel. Of course, don’t forget to use a lubricant even if you plan on sticking one finger in your butt.

Clean Up

One of the reasons why people are afraid to try anal is the mess it might cause — and it can get messy. However, poop is not located in the rectum but in the upper bowels instead. Naturally, it is still possible to encounter it, which is why it is a good idea to clean yourself properly before you start.


How deep you want to go is completely up to you (when it comes to cleaning). Ideally, you will poop an hour before the play, and you might want to consider showering before and after anal.

The cleaning process is simple, and you can use soap and water. If you don’t have time for a shower, baby wipes can do the work. Just be sure to avoid wipes with fragrances.

Maybe Use an Enema

If using wet wipes is not enough, you might want to consider switching to enema. Of course, the process is not only useful for anal sex, but it is an excellent way to clean yourself before the session. For those that don’t know, enema is a process of introducing liquid to your anal canal.


There are many different types of enemas, and some can be easily used in the shower. It is the safest way to ensure that there are no surprises during anal play and that your anal opening is spotless.


Shower enemas are probably the best choice since they can be easily mounted on the showerhead and allow you to clean yourself properly. Naturally, you can always go for a disposable enema kit if you don’t plan on having anal as often.

Stock Up on Lube

We can’t stress the importance of lubricants enough. It is an essential part of anal play, and it will allow you to feel good while exploring your body and trying new things. The primary reason why this is so important is that the anus doesn’t self-lubricate. Unlike the vagina, you won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest without lubrication.


Furthermore, the anal sphincter and the entire area around the anus are filled with nerve endings, and trying anal without lube can be quite painful. It can also cause micro-tears on the skin, which might lead to infections and additional problems. The safest way to go is to pick a water-based lube since it is compatible with silicone toys.

Try Rimming

Rimming is a sex act that goes by many names. Other common terms are anilingus and anal-oral. It means that a person will use their mouth and tongue to pleasure one’s anus. If you are into anal play, you will probably love every second of it. It’s relaxing, pleasurable, and an excellent way to prepare for anal.


The most important thing is that it brings a whole new level of intimacy and connection. Needless to say, not every person is into rimming, so it might be smart to talk to your partner before you try anything similar.

Use Toys to Prepare for Anal Sex

Adult toys are designed to provide and improve the sexual experience. People use them all over the world and for a reason. There is nothing that can compare to a great vibrator or dildo, and there are many excellent choices when it comes to anal play.

The butt plug is one of the most popular options for anal, and it will allow you to prepare for action. You can use it as long as you want. They come in all shapes and sizes, and anyone can try them out. As always, if you are inexperienced, go for the smallest possible version.

Don’t Forget Protection

Some people believe that there is no reason to use protection if you are into anal. This is not true. While you won’t need to think about unwanted pregnancy, there are still sexually transmitted infections to worry about.


Using protection in a proper way will help you eliminate the chances of getting chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, and any other disease. So be smart, and always use protection.

Pick a Side and Only One Side

The last thing we need to discuss is picking the side. Now, we don’t talk about sex positions. You can pick whichever is comfortable and enjoyable to you. Our focus here is on the type of sex you want to try. If you choose anal, stick to it.


We wouldn’t recommend combining anal and vaginal sex, regardless of whether you are playing with a person or a sex toy. The rectum is filled with bacteria, and if it comes anywhere near the vagina, it might cause a urinary tract infection.


If you still want to play both ways, there is a solution. Use two different toys (one for each hole), and if you are with a partner, use a new condom before switching from anal to vaginal and vice-versa. There is no reason for you to risk your health for something so trivial when you can easily avoid it with proper precautions.