Finding the Best Lube for Anal Play

Making a decision to try any type of anal play is exciting. Trying new things in the bedroom always is. However, not all of them require you to use as much lubricant as anal play does.

Why is that? Your anus needs a bit of help staying wet. Unlike other sexy parts, it doesn’t have the ability to self-lubricate. This is where lube comes into play. There are different types of lubes, so it’s important to find and use the right one for you.

Check the materials of your condoms and toys to ensure your favorite lube matches.

Getting on the Anal Play Train

Anal play has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. For a good reason too — it’s super fun and enjoyable! But how do people decide they want to try it? Well, you just have to be curious and open-minded.

Even though it’s gaining popularity, there’s still a lot of stigma surrounding it. Playing with your butt sure is taboo because your ass was “not meant for that” — according to haters. People think the butt is meant for one job only, and they can’t be more wrong in that.

Your anus has countless nerve endings, some of which are connected to your G-spot. Naturally, stimulating those nerve endings leads to pleasurable feelings. Once people decide to try it out, their lives are changed forever.

There are several rules you should follow at the beginning. One of them is that lube is absolutely essential.

Lube up for Maximum Enjoyment

When it comes to anal sex — or anal play in general — lots of lube is a must each and every time. Skipping it could result in some severe injuries, and you really don’t want to do that to yourself.

You need to use lube because your anus has no way of lubricating itself. You know how excitement makes the vagina wet? You don’t even need any lube in many cases. Anuses don’t have that ability. That’s why you need to help your butt out.

Butt play can indeed feel good, but you won’t be able to stick anything inside of it without a ton of lubrication. So lube ensures a smooth landing if you will. Without it, you’re in for a painful experience.

The injuries you can cause yourself can be pretty serious. Anal tears are as bad as they sound and can take a long time to heal. So don’t let the sleekness of your toy fool you. It won’t just miraculously slide in without any issues. You need to lube that baby up before you attempt anything. This is a rule you cannot break — for your own safety.

Kinds of Lube You Can Use

Thankfully, there are millions of lube options out there, ready for you to choose from. They can come in different brands, even different flavors!

However, lubricants can be split into several large groups. It all depends on the main ingredient they’re made of. Even you can produce your own lube. If you’re in for a spontaneous anal play and you don’t have lube at hand, your own spit can be effective. Just remember to use a lot of it, and everything should go smoothly.

One of the main lube groups are water-based lubricants. This is the type that’s suitable for any play. Whether it’s anal or vaginal, this lube will give you what you need. It won’t harm your toys or condoms, and you can clean it easily. However, your insides will absorb it quickly, which means you might need more than you think.

Another group consists of silicone-based lubricants. Now, this is the magic anal lube because it doesn’t dry out, and your body doesn’t absorb it. The downside is that you should never use silicone lube with silicone toys, simply because it will ruin your toys.

Last but not least, there are oil-based lubricants. You should be careful with these. We recommend sticking to almond or coconut oil because they’re natural and will harm neither you nor your toys. Other oil lubes can degrade toys and condoms really fast.

Again, there are many options for you to choose from, so weigh your options carefully before you decide.

The Kind of Lube You Should Avoid

Sadly, a lot of lubes could also be quite harmful if you are not careful. A lot of companies don’t give safe guidelines for using their lubes. By that, we mean they don’t tell you if certain lubes don’t mix well with certain materials — but we’re here to let you know.

If a lubricant contains any artificial flavors, colors, or claims to have cooling or heating agents — it’s likely to cause an allergic reaction. Being allergic to regular lube is rare, but it can happen as well.

Again, never under any circumstance should you mix silicone lube with silicone toys. That’s a recipe for disaster. So if you have a silicone toy, either opt for a different lube or use latex condoms.

Speaking of latex condoms, they don’t mix well with oil-based lubricants. Our recommendation is to find the toy or type of condom you’re planning to use first. After you have that down, you’re free to choose a lube to match. That way, you’ll avoid any disastrous scenarios. Plus, you can ensure that you’re having a good time without worrying about the worst possible outcome.


Exploring anal play is fun, but it’s best when it’s safe. Make sure you have a great time every time by using lubes for anal sex. Different lubricants might have different feels to them, but what matters is finding the one that won’t cause any harm to you or your toys.

This is something you can’t just skip since anal doesn’t work without lubricant. Sure, you can try. But we don’t recommend it because you’ll be in for a lot of pain and injuries.

If you follow all the safety guidelines, you’ll be in for a world of fun.