What are the Benefits of Using Anal Plugs

The anal plug is the second name for the anal plug. This accessory is a sex toy that has a specific shape. It is inserted into the anus. If we talk about design, then these toys look like a cone standing on a leg they are wide at the base and narrow at the end.The main objective of such a toy is to stimulate the nerve endings that are deep in the corresponding anus. The use of such a plug is a good prelude before anal sex. After all, with its help you can enjoy in the process of masturbation. Both men and women will be able to know the highest pleasure during sex. Such a process is like an explosion of dynamite. In addition, men use these toys to massage the prostate. Also you will need to know that advantages of metal butt plugs also.

  • Today, vibrating butt plugs are becoming especially popular, the vibration of which can even be adjusted. For this there is a special remote. This plug needs to be inserted very, very slowly and with relatively low vibration. And, besides anal vibrocalls, there are also inflatable plugs consisting of elastic latex. They gradually become more popular among big lovers and connoisseurs of various experiments in sex. At first they need to be introduced into the anus in a not inflated state, and then with the help of a manual pump to inflate.
  • If we talk about the choice of anal plug, then small problems can arise, especially if the person is new to this field. Since the modern range of such sex toys is large. But, no matter how it was there, there are three most important points worth attention. This is the size, material and shape. The sizes can be different: from 2 to 5 cm. It is for beginners that one cannot particularly experiment with size, because for the first time you can choose a plug with a diameter that resembles the thickness of one or two fingers. And the choice of form usually depends on the main goals of using such a toy. If a man plans to use it to massage the prostate, then you need to stop the choice on a specially bent plug.

In most cases, such toys are made of rubber, silicone, wood, or even metal. Usually each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Without taking into account the variety of sex toys, those anal plugs, which consist of soft material, are popular because the risk of injury is minimal in this case.

Different Options for You

Silicone Petal butt plug is made of pleasant silicone with two petals, total length 85 mm, diameter with compressed petals 45 mm.

The online store has a large selection of anal plugs. Here you will find anal plugs of different shape and size to stimulate the anus. The choice of material and color is also diverse and is able to meet the demand of even the most demanding customers. We have jewelry anal plugs, classic, Christmas tree plugs, metal, anal plugs with vibration and others. The range of the store is constantly increasing, so keep an eye on product updates.

Butt plug will help to find even more erogenous zones of your body; will add to the sex life of new savory and even thrill. It has long been known that a lot of nerve endings are concentrated in the area of ??a person’s anus, and a certain impact on them can be enjoyable. Of course, we are all different, someone likes one thing, someone else, and so the butt plug helps to open these new sensations, to better understand your body.

Butt plug is most often used to prepare anus for anal sex. It relaxes the muscles of the anus for easier and painless coitus.

Also, this sex toy can be used as an additional tool to achieve a woman’s orgasm. Often women use butt plugs to constrict the vagina during sex, for example after childbirth. In addition, a certain category of anal plugs is suitable for stimulating the prostate gland in men, as a preventive measure for men’s health, in particular prostatitis.

It is important to note that anal toys should be used with special lubricants, since the mucous membrane of the anus does not provide sufficient moisture for this kind of manipulation.

Butt plugs are designed to stretch the anus and LovePlugs even made some with our favorite animals in mind like dog tails, wolf tails, bunny tails, etc. Their use brings pleasure to the person using them. Quite a few anal plugs are used to prepare the anus for anal sex. Cork can be purchased in different sizes in girth and length. Anal plugs are made of various materials: latex anal plugs, silicone anal plugs, neoprene, stone, metal.

  • Choosing the first anal plug (cork) Choosing the anal plug, you should start with small sizes and gradually reach the size that will bring you the greatest pleasure. To some extent, corks resemble a dildo, but they are much shorter and widen towards the end, preventing the cork from sinking completely into the rectum.
  • Many dildos do not have extensions, so they are absolutely not suitable for anal use, because they can get stuck, and medical intervention will be required. STD Protection Butt plugs are best placed in condoms to maintain hygiene and immediately get rid of feces. However, cork cannot be used by several people at the same time due to the risk of disease through blood-borne diseases, such as HIV, which can be transmitted when one person’s body fluids enter another.
  • Using the anal plug anal plugs can be used not only for anal stimulation. Since the anal plugs are held securely in the anus, you can do anything while the plug is in you. Many people like the feeling of fullness in the anus, so try walking with a cork or ride a bicycle. Butt plugs can be worn during the day, doing the usual things: cleaning, shopping, work. For more pleasure while using the anal plug, you can masturbate or have sex. If ever you’re in getting one, you can check some of my favourite butt plugs at loveplugs.

Types of anal plugs

There are anal plugs that “end up” by spilling water or viscous fluid into the rectum. There are vibrating butt plugs and plugs that become larger in volume. Some plugs are designed specifically for men and stimulate the prostate. There are corks with long hair attached to the base or artificial tails of animals. These plugs are designed for role-playing. Corks can be moved to get more pleasure; ideally ribbed butt plugs are ideal for this purpose.

They can be worn for a long time. For whatever you use plug-ins, just make sure that you feel good and use a sufficient amount of lubricant. You may need to remove the plug and add lubricant every hour. Anal lubricants for all toys that are intended to be introduced into the body, you need to use high-quality lubricant. This is especially true for items intended for anal penetration, including anal plug. Anus and rectum may tear. Anal lubrication makes penetration safe and comfortable. Wear gloves to squeeze the cork and squeeze a sufficient amount of grease on your palm.