How to Have a Great First Anal Sex Experience

There was always this thing you knew existed but never wanted to give it a proper thought. You were having sex the traditional way, and there was nothing you wanted to change about it. Then, out of the blue, just as you were having fun with your partner, their finger stumbled at an invisible hurdle. It slid down south, more than ever before, and it stopped right at the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City.

Some time later, days (perhaps weeks) after thinking about it, you googled about first-time anal sex. You started reading this article, and now we’ve caught up, my friend! Stick with us, as we go through all that’s important about making that first step. Let’s begin with your pep talk.

Having a Talk With Your Partner When Planning to Do Anal for the First Time

As with any new sexual experience, you should bring up anal play to your partner to see whether they’d be into it or not. Remember, it takes two to make a thing go right (to make it out of sight). When you talk about sex, see if your partner is receptive and find it a good idea. If so, you should talk about boundaries. The most crucial thing about anal penetration is to take it slow — it’s not a race. To enjoy anal sex, you need to be fully relaxed and feel comfortable at all times. As per usual, you have to work your way up from just a single finger to something more, let’s say, Rubenesque.

Your partner needs to be patient and make sure they don’t push you over your limits. It’s an excellent idea to establish a safe word before engaging in anal, especially if you’re into BDSM. That way, if you need to throw in the towel, you have a way to do so. Understand that both of you may not be an expert on dildos and vibrators, but if you communicate well, then you can make sure that you can have a better anal experience.

The truth is, when you try out something new sexually, it’s as much of a psychological thing as it is a physical one (if not even more). Therefore, you can’t just buy a new sex toy and put it in as if you’re Lisa Ann. Take it slow, and make sure it feels good. As you can see, preparing for anal sex starts with a talk. The next step is training for it. 

How Can Anal Training Kit Help Before Doing Anal Sex

With traditional, normative form of sex (i.e., vaginal sex), you use your genitals — parts of the body specially designed for this pastime activity. Your butt is not as gung-ho about it as you are. For instance, all of us have anal sphincters, muscles that surround the anus, keeping it tight and forcing things out of it. And now, you want to loosen them and put things in the other direction. There’s no secret to why anal play is pleasurable; it’s a simple question of anatomy. But to be ready to have your first bike ride, you have to practice with training wheels on.

Think of it as proper gym training. Sphincters are muscles, and like any other muscles, you need to work them out to be stronger and more elastic. Sure, painal is a thing. But so are muscle-ups, and that’s not what you’d do on your first day at the gym!

Using Training Kits

According to many seasoned anal-ysts, the best way to start your rectal journey is by using a silicone butt plug. Unlike dildos, butt plugs are smaller and have a shape specifically chosen for perfect anal stimulation. Many find that the best way to start off is by assuming the position of a receiving partner during doggie style. Push it in slowly and stop once you start to feel pain. Then, take it out and apply more lube. Start again, going slightly deeper during each iteration until it’s fully in.

Once you feel getting the biggest butt plug is too easy, you’re ready to try out a dildo or, why not, a skin flute. Whatever your goal is, make sure you start off with a plug to get accustomed to the feeling you will experience.

If you’re unsure about your starting size, go with the smallest butt plug you own and work your way up. There are several materials people use for making plugs. However, we recommend a non-porous one (stainless steel, silicone, and glass) as it’s easier to clean. Additionally, you would probably be best off using a silicone plug. Out of the three materials mentioned, silicone is the most flexible one, and you’ll be able to utilize it easier. Now that could be a lot of information to take in, but if you really want to get into anal sex, we recommend that you practice with these training kits.

Do You Need Lubricant When Using Butt Plugs

While on the topic of easier utilization, let’s discuss lubricant. Women have something called vaginal lubrication. That is a natural process that makes the vagina wet and ready for penetration. Our butts (regardless of whether you’re swinging a sword or carrying its sheath) don’t do that. We have to prepare them artificially, using a lubricant.

When you apply it, be generous about it. Apply lots and lots of lube; it’s never too much. Lube will make the whole action easier on your body, and it won’t hurt as much. In fact, if you do feel pain, that’s a sign that you need to take your toy out and cover it up with more lube. We advise you use a silicone-based lubricant as it lasts longer and won’t dry up during the time the plug’s inside you. There’s an exception to this, though. Silicone doesn’t go well together with silicone toys. So if your butt plug is made out of silicone, you have to change to a different lubricant. In that case, use something else, such as water-based lube. Glass butt plugs are okay for beginners as well, and any other materials, just make sure that you lubricate generously.

Watching Anal Sex Videos to Prepare

In the last decade, people have grown more and more accepting of the idea of having anal sex. For instance, from 2009 to 2015, our dear buddy Pornhub registered a 120% increase in anal sex video search. That is actually a fantastic idea! Watching videos of anal sex will help you prepare yourself for your first experience, both physically and mentally.

First of all, while watching people having anal sex, your mind will become more accustomed to the whole ordeal. As you’re aroused (and climaxing), your brain will associate what you watch with experiencing pleasure. It’s no secret that you can adjust your sexual preferences by watching particular kind of porn while aroused. Anal videos can help you get in the mood for it.

Furthermore, another way anal videos are helpful is what you might call experience sharing. When you see how the pros do it, you’ll have a rough idea of how you should do it as well. For instance, you’ll realize what position is the most suitable (and the most alluring one). As a result, your first anal tryout won’t be a complete shot in the dark, and you’ll be quick to realize if you’re doing something wrong.

Importance of Foreplay Before Penetration

As is the case with anal sex videos, foreplay is another aspect of your sex life that can help you overcome the fear of your first anal. The thing is, foreplay is not something women in love invented to make this primal act feel more romantic. It’s a significant segment of it from the physical side of things. Foreplay puts you in the right frame of mind. Your body prepares itself for experiencing pleasure. Your erogenous zones (your butt, first and foremost) start singing and dancing, and you’ll be ready to go.

Imagine doing it without foreplay. Imagine sitting at work, stressing out over your spreadsheets. Surely, sex is the last thing on your mind. All of a sudden, damn Joe from IT decides to creep up behind and shove a full dildo up your ass! You’ll be screaming, “God damn you, Joe,” and you won’t be doing it for roleplay purposes.