What are the Best Anal Sex Positions?

Originally, the term comes from the livestock, but has long been and that is not only in the BDSM scene adapted to human needs, i.e. for the immobilization of prisoners or game partners.

When a naked body is tied up crooked:

The hogtie bondage is particularly interesting because the degree of tightening of the lacing can be varied and that for the hogtie all sorts of restraint materials, from ropes to leather cuffs to hand and foot rings, come into consideration. Even with mono gloves, a human body can be crooked when the ankles, also tied, are bent back and then fixed on the arms!

The classic hogtie:

The term comes from the English language area and has been used initially for the captivation of farm animals, which are prevented by the binding of all limbs of an escape. But the name and this special bondage method have long been established in the bondage and SM scene and enjoy great popularity in sessions in domination studios or the home bedroom. This may also be due to the fact that the Hogtied bondage knows many varieties and faces and – if desired – can also be used to punish the partner. As Anal sex not just for perverts anymore so there are the options for the same as well.

How mean should the bond be?

In fact, a hogtie can be comparatively gentle and comfortable – at least when there is still plenty of play between the back-tied arms and the feet. Likewise, the ankles may also be lashed directly to the wrists or even to the bound elbows. At least then the hogtie bondage becomes very uncomfortable and can be counted as a torture!

Hemp ropes in action:

So it depends on the preferences of each partner, how strong the body is stretched by the ropes or chains.

When it comes to the classic method of standstill, then for a hogtie, of course, the coarse hemp or jute ropes should be used. Thus, the hogtie bondage would then belong to the topic category Rope or Seilbondage. But of course, in addition to this classic “Wild West variant”, also hand and foot clamps, which are connected by a more or less long chain, are used for Hogtie.

Each hogtie bondage begins with the partner being tied up lying flat on his stomach. Then the wrists and ankles are tied up and connected on the back with another rope. The shorter this is the tighter and more hopeless the bondage becomes. A hogtie bondage therefore requires a certain amount of physical fitness, and not every scene and bondage shown on the relevant portals can be implemented 1: 1 in the home bedroom.

Captivate with a sense of proportion!

After all, not everyone can or wants to be tied up like one of the professional bondage models whose body almost forms a triangle and then is taut like a tendon. In fact, especially in the hogtie bondage, we can gradually increase and, in addition to a bondage of the wrists, also tie the elbows and knees together. If then the bound feet are fixed directly to the elbow shackle, the whole body seems stretched like a tendon and takes on an almost triangular shape!

Not recommended for beginners:

However, this presupposes a certain mobility or capacity for suffering of the person or person being bound. After all, the hogtie bondage, which today is regarded as a hard but erotic variety of the BDSM, has also been partially adapted by authorities and used in the penal system or for torture!

Therefore, the active part must always be aware of its responsibility, especially when squatting if the sub is additionally made quiet by a gag. Especially with a hogtie bondage – due to the position and tension of the body – sometimes convulsions or respiratory problems occur. The tied or the tied must therefore constantly monitored and the lacing at the sign of problems are solved immediately!

BDSM & fetish

Sometimes there are things in life that are not easy to get over the lips. Especially with regard to relationships, living together or sexual preferences, it can be difficult to bring up certain things. Having a simple “I love you” can be tough at the beginning of a relationship – what is the point of communicating to your partner that you are into kinky sex? Allegedly, every third sex lover dreams of BDSM practices in which he himself plays the lead role. Does that not mean that the chances of a positive reaction to the secret wishes are quite good? As already mentioned, it is not always easy. A sure instinct and a bit of ingenuity can be in demand.

Two possibilities

You feel like your partner wants it too – then just do it!If the usual cuddling with petting and caresses are intensified, the opportunity is favorable to extend the claws. How does the partner react to scratching, a firm grip on the crotch or pinching instead of kneading? But beware, if you hit hard you should always keep your fingertip and wait to see if the tight holds are returned. If so, it can turn into a tough game without the mouth having to say it out loud.

Or you purely by chance in the foreplay a few small BDSM accessories with, for example, fetter for the first time is a tie and blindfold. Place both utensils within reach and off you go. If no one complains, you can go on. If it does not go down well, just laugh over it. You want whip, paddle or other percussion instruments integrated into the love game? Attempt makes smart, but please only with the palm of your hand. This should be tender and then, if you like, with increasingly firmer punches. The easiest way to do this is to take his sweetheart from behind, while she can be good for a few blows in the missionary position. If both like it, an entry-level product can appear as if by accident under the covers. If you spank whom, then you have to clarify yourself.

If the partner agrees, nothing stands in the way of realizing BDSM practices. You may also intensify the pleasure by taking sex pills and using dildos. But do not rush and slowly increase and accept a no even without much discussion!