Reaching Orgasm Through Anal Sex

Many people are inexperienced when it comes to anal sex, and there is a lot of stigmas and taboos revolving around it. But anal sex can sometimes be more personal and more intense than regular vanilla sex. The only question remains if you are interested in trying something new and if you’d like to feel an orgasm like never before. 

Who Can Achieve Anal Orgasm?

Butt play is still taboo in some parts of the world, and many are reluctant to try this kind of sex. Anal play can be fun, and whether you are using sex toys or playing with a partner, the truth is anyone can achieve an anal orgasm. 

Regardless of gender, any person that’s into anal stimulation can feel good. So, if you are interested in going deeper into the rabbit hole (or butt hole in this case), there are so many new things you can experience and discover. 

The Difference Between Men and Women’s Anal Orgasm

Even though the primary idea is the same old anal penetration, men and women will experience a different type of sensation. For women, for example, anal sex allows double penetration where a partner can simultaneously perform anal and clitoral stimulation that can lead to a full-body orgasm. 

Deep penetration in anal sex can also mean that the partner will use a toy or their penis to stimulate the so-called A-spot. The location of A-spot is the same as the P-spot in males, which is on the inner part of the anal canal. This way, the partner will stimulate the outer wall of the vagina, which can lead to orgasm.

Males, on the other hand, don’t have vaginas. However, the P-spot, i.e., the prostate, allows men to experience unique and different orgasms from anal sex. The prostate gland is in charge of making fluids that nourish and protect sperm. It also has a lot of nerve endings that can create a pleasurable feeling when massaged. Anal penetration allows men to massage prostate either using toys like dildos, plugs, and prostate massagers or their partner’s penis. Massaging the prostate can lead to more intense orgasms that do not have to be followed by ejaculation. 

Finally, both males and females can enjoy the feeling of sensation on the anal sphincter, whether they are playing with a partner or using toys. 

The Feeling of Anal Sex for Men and Women

The anus is replete with nerve endings, and as we mentioned, stimulating it can be rather pleasurable for some. But other than that, the feeling can be a lot different depending on gender. 

Many describe prostate massage as “insanely good.” When a man is aroused, the blood will flow to the prostate, which will swell and become even more sensitive. Some admit that the feeling of having a prostate massage is similar to having to pee, even though their bladder is empty. 

Achieving orgasm through prostate massage is unlike a regular orgasm. People that experienced it say that it is more intense and even better than the regular one. It often comes in waves of pleasure that the person can feel in their entire body.

However, even if you don’t have a prostate, that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve an anal orgasm. The highly erotic part of the rectum involves the A-spot, which can lead to a vaginal orgasm, even though the stimulation arrives through the anus. 

Different Ways to Stimulate Anally

The easiest way to have anal sex is through penile penetration. This way, the partner can stimulate either A- or P-spot. But this is not the only way to experience anal orgasms. 

There are so many toys available on the market that can help you achieve this. Both males and females often use butt plugs inserted into the anus and left there. Thanks to the flared base on these toys, they won’t go inside fully.  You can even perform your everyday activities while wearing one. The plug will put constant pressure on the prostate or wall of the vagina, allowing you to experience a steady sensation of being full.

Furthermore, you can also get toys designed for a double penetration that can simultaneously pleasure both the clitoris and anus. But fear not! If you don’t have a clitoris, you can find excellent prostate massagers that will help you reach orgasm in no time. 

Other toys for anal stimulations are beads, hooks, vibrators, and so much more. Usually, hooks are used in BDSM, but beads and vibrators are found in nearly every bedroom. 

Other Foreplay Techniques to Reach Orgasm and Improve Sex in General

Jumping straight to anal sex is nearly impossible, and the necessary preparations are almost mandatory. However, that doesn’t have to be a drill, and you can make a game of it with your partner. Foreplay is the most underestimated part of sex, and both males and females enjoy it. 

To improve sex in general, you can always spice up your sex routine. That can involve using toys, oils, full-body massage, and anything else you and your partner might enjoy. 

If you love the idea of anal play, rimming is always an option, and it works both ways. Rimming or anilingus combines oral sex and anal, and you can imagine how that goes. Both anilingus and oral sex are a great way to reach orgasm or prepare for unforgettable sex. 

You can also check which sex positions are perfect for anal. And, of course, talk to your partner as much as you can. Follow their reaction so you can easily find out which erogenous zones are their weakness. If you need the help of pills and using dildos to stimulate your partner anally, then this is something that  you also need to talk about. 


Anal sex can be fun, pleasurable, and orgasming. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; you can still have a great time. There are two main things you should remember if you want to enjoy anal play. The first one is communication. Everything needs to be clear, and you and your partner should be on the same page. The second thing is the lubricant. And a lot of it.