Avoid Anal Fissures and Enjoy Anal Sex

Many people dread even the thought of having anal sex. They think of all the things that can go wrong, anal fissures being one of them.

All of the things that can go wrong, though, don’t need to go wrong. What you have to do is take some time to prepare for your anal experience. That way, you’ll ensure that you won’t get injured, and it will be smooth sailing.

In this article, we will cover what anal fissures are and how to avoid them completely, as well as how to prepare appropriately and enjoy yourself. Anchors aweigh!

Adults, Including Millenials, Are Having Anal Sex

We know this might come as a surprise to many of you, but anal sex is more common than you think.

Yes, there’s still some stigma surrounding it. For some, it’s still a taboo topic. But based on surveys, anal sex is way more popular than people think. You hear all these horror stories about it, and yet, people engage in it.

In case you belong to the “never had anal sex” bunch, we encourage you to join the fun side. We know you’ve thought about it already and your friend already did it too. No, this isn’t peer pressure.

Anal Fissures

However, anal isn’t always just fun and games. Anal fissures are a part of the experience if you don’t have a good preparation plan.

Anal fissures are small tears in the tissue around the anus. Think of paper cuts but inside your butt. A lot of things can cause them, such as childbirth, constipation or straining, and, most of all, anal sex.

How does that feel? Similar to hemorrhoids. Except anal fissures can hurt for hours at a time after a bowel movement. They can sting and bleed, so it is not a fun situation to find yourself in.

Other Medical Conditions Where Anal Fissures May Occur

These annoying tears can happen as a consequence of other conditions too.

Some of them are Crohn’s disease (inflammatory bowel disease), anal cancer, or STDs. These medical conditions aren’t that common, so if you notice pain or rectal bleeding after a bowel movement, don’t panic. All you have to do is see your doctor. Don’t go Googling your symptoms unless you want to freak out.

None of this should put you off trying to have anal sex, though. All you have to do is prepare properly, and you shouldn’t have any problems. Just be safe.

Avoiding Anal Fissures

There are many ways for you to avoid getting anal fissures. All of them are super easy too.

The most important way to avoid anal fissures has nothing to do with getting physical. We’re, of course, talking about consent. Sometimes, partners will just go for it and bust in through the backdoor without ever asking. Then they will say it’s just an accident since anus and vagina are so close together. That can be very dangerous.

It’s dangerous because you’re neither relaxed nor prepared. People think it’s just going to slide it without any issues. But there will be issues. Relaxation training is essential, and it’s another way for you to avoid getting anal tears. Training using anal kits can be extremely helpful too.

What else? Using lots of lube. When we say “lots,” we mean you should be very generous. To avoid painful anal sex, you can start your training with just fingers. Another good anal sex tip is to avoid being submissive if you’re a beginner. Take control of the motions and figure out what works best for you.

Avoiding anal fissures is easy — you just have to set some ground rules.

Training to Relax the Muscles

You should train as many muscles as you can to maintain optimal health. As far as anal sex goes, the sphincter is the muscle you need to pay the most attention to.

Two rings of muscles surround the anus: the inner and outer sphincter muscles. They’re designed to hold things in, not allow anything to enter. That’s why you need to train them and help them relax.

Once you decide to start engaging in anal, your training routine should be steady. Why? Well, your ass can, and will, tighten up if you forget about it. So start your training slowly and listen to your body.

You don’t have to set unrealistic goals of how you’re going to move on with the training kit scale. You can start small and keep it that way until you feel comfortable to try something bigger. This kind of exercise requires a lot of patience.

Proper Positions

Now that you’re all prepared and ready, it’s time to talk about sexy positions you can try.

First and foremost, you need to do some assessment of the situation you’re in. Think about your capabilities and limitations. Can you really do that split? Don’t go overboard and end up injuring yourself in the process. We just schooled you on how not to tear the inside of your anus. Don’t ruin that with abstract positions.

You can always start simple. Beginner-friendly positions don’t always mean boring. Sometimes, going back to the basics is all you need. Here we’re talking about the classics such as the good old doggy, missionary, or sideways. Anything that will allow for easier backdoor penetration is the way to go.

When you master the basics, you can move on to more intricate positions. Being comfortable is key, so find what works for you.


We hope you don’t mind us being so blunt, but anal fissures are literally a pain in the ass.

If you’ve been put off by the myths and horror stories about anal, now you have it all laid out for you. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to go through with it or not. Backdoor fun is an exciting, enjoyable experience — it just requires some anal preparation and safety measures.

Things can go wrong. They go wrong with vaginal sex too, and yet we engage in it. So don’t be scared to go for it.