Butt Plugs — Perfect Toys for Both Men and Women

The Difference Between Male and Female Butt Plugs

Introducing sex toys to your life may not be as easy as it seems. Choosing the one that’s simple and safe to use —and affordable enough but able the experience you want — requires a little bit of work. Not to mention that people often have a difficult time choosing only one toy!

But here’s one piece of advice — basic sex toys are often a perfect choice. Most of these are great for both solo play and sex. At the same time, you won’t spend a fortune on them.

One of the most basic sex toys anyone should own is a butt plug, and there are numerous reasons why you should start with one. First, anal plugs will make both solo play and sex more enjoyable. Second, wearing a butt plug is good for training the muscles in that area of your body. Or, in other words, anal toys are beneficial for your health!

Your backside is an erogenous zone, and it is an interesting area to explore. Who wouldn’t want to experience anal and prostate orgasms? Reaching higher levels of sexual pleasure can only be amazing, right?

So, if you’re looking for something that will make your sex life more exciting, you should go with butt plugs. However, these come in a variety of forms, sizes, and shapes. Some of them are great sex toys for women, while others are perfect for men.

Know other ways how to make sex more interesting in this article.

Here’s what marks the main difference between male and female butt plugs.

Butt Plug Design

There’s a whole variety of butt plugs out there! From the most simple ones to animal tail plugs, you’ll find a lot of exciting things when looking for anal toys. You should definitely keep in mind what you can handle and what you want to get out of it all, though.

When you take a look at different designs, you’ll see that some of them are more suitable for men than for women. For example, male butt plugs are usually curved in a way that helps you reach and stimulate the prostate.

Some models look more like a hook than a butt plug. Most of these have a bit of a thicker head at the top of the toy. That way, you won’t have trouble putting enough pressure on this specific spot in your rectum.

And if you’re really up to it, you can go with a vibrating butt plug. These toys sometimes have the attachment that goes around your testicles and stimulates the entire intimate area.

But there’s more to it than pleasure — a prostate massager will help you maintain your health. Furthermore, at the same time, it can give you an incredible, mind-blowing orgasm!

But, of course, both sexes can go with pretty much any of these.

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Female Anal Orgasm vs. Prostate Orgasm

The stimulation of the prostate is a great way to get some health benefits. It’s especially helpful if you’re having issues with bladder control or erectile dysfunction. But the best thing about the stimulation of this spot is the prostate orgasm.

However, achieving one isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It takes time and practice for your body to learn how to respond to these sensations. But if you’re persistent and lucky enough, you will feel it in every inch of your body!

It’s similar but more intense than the female anal orgasm. Of course, both of these experiences are pretty amazing, but prostate orgasm can really push you over the edge. That way, some people even achieved a super orgasm that lasts longer and makes you completely lose your mind!

The general opinion is that women are the only ones who can reach this level of sexual pleasure, and maybe they are more likely to achieve multiple, super intense orgasms. But men too can have such an amazing sexual experience — all they have to do is to start exploring their backdoors.

But first, let’s see what you need to do to experience this kind of mind-blowing orgasm.

Both Are Achieved Through Repeated Stimulation

Before you start, you should prepare yourself. That means that using a bathroom first is a pretty good idea. When you start stimulating your ass, you’ll feel like you need to go do number two, and even though you don’t, it can distract you from your goal. It’s also convenient to take a shower first.

Once you have finished preparing, you’re ready to start. Just make sure you have lots of lube at your disposal. Also, the toy you’re going to use should be clean and made of a body-safe material.

It’s always better to use various kinds of stimulation. Penetration feels great, just like vibration, but after some time, it becomes a bit boring. So, combining different sensations is always the best way to achieve an orgasm of any kind! And the most important thing is that you need to be persistent. It won’t happen that fast, especially if it’s your first time!

How the Design and Texture of Butt Plugs Help in Reaching Anal/Prostate Orgasm

As we mentioned before, anal plugs are a perfect toy for making your pursuit of mind-blowing orgasm easier. They can feel even better than anal sex!

The design and the texture of a butt plug play a vital role in stimulating your sensitive spots in this area. Male plugs are curved in a way that helps them reach the prostate easier than a finger or a regular anal toy would. Then, some butt plugs have a texture that will make the penetration feel extraordinary. And not to mention the ones that will provide you with vibrating sensation!

All of these options are perfect for achieving both anal and prostate orgasm. However, you need to be patient and to make some effort. Feeling relaxed and sexually aroused is quite important. Also, having a few toys that will make the sensations more intense will certainly make your exploration more comfortable and more exciting.