Best Positions to Try When Using Butt Plugs

Butt Plug can lead you to new heights of pleasure and, like most sexual toys, can be used both for self-stimulation and for stimulation in the couple. This little presentation of an anal plug will give you the details you need to figure out exactly what this type of sex toy is using and why it has this form.

Starting with their common design and shape, butt plows come in a variety of shapes, colors and of course the materials they are made of. The most common material is latex, but silicone, especially medical, is an ideal choice because of its flexibility and the fact that it can be easily disinfected by boiling. Although generally all plows seem to be made of latex, they are made of metal, glass, wood and even stone. Made of metal are very popular, especially those with a special diamond-shaped base or even with precious inlaid diamonds, once introduced, this “precious” part is the only one left out.

Returning to shape, butt plows generally have a slightly sharp tip, they gradually increase their diameter to the middle or even to the base, then again thin and ends with a wide base or a ring, often made of the same material. This different base makes them unique and easy to recognize amongst the multitude of sex toys – the basis of which plays a very important role, helps to avoid unfortunate accidents, offers better maneuverability and in addition leaves your hands free so you can concentrate on all the busy places for pleasure.

Butt Plows or Annals Plows are specially designed for sexual stimulation and easy, comfortable and safe insertions so do not worry about concentration and pleasure!

Sex toys for Anal Sex

Anal sex and anal stimulation is no longer a taboo topic. Although not as popular as other adult products, toys for anal stimulation are on the rise. This type of sex is the new sexual frontier for most people lately, more and more adults choose to try the pleasure that anal area can provide.

Enjoy the anal stimulation with the best inflatable toys from the new anal toy collection. The Anal Fantasy Plug is made of non-ftalate silicone; its elastic membrane does not contain latex, but extends to double its size in seconds by just pumping air with the manual pump. Insert the deflated elastic membrane into the anus area and pump it to full satisfaction. It is ideal for beginners in trying butt plug sex positions thanks to the small size of the membrane before swelling, which seeks to increase the anal pleasure for larger size toys. With a quick-release valve to reduce pressure, you can be sure you have total control over the size that grows in the anal area. Clean with the cleaning solution included in the set and hot water. Besides Butt Anal Fantasy Plug, you will also get 5 pieces: two finger joints, a lubricant, a cleaning solution and desensitization cream.

Sooner or later, a moment comes when the position of the missionary becomes the death of the passion of any couple plus that it hurts the joints, say the specialists. At this point, partners seek to diversify their “sexual menu” with all sorts of sexual positions and toys that spice up their sex. And if they do not have the expected effect, there is a lot of blamed idea of anal sex. It hurts, it’s dirty and looked like an act of sadomasochism do you think so? Well, it does not have to be that way. For some tail plugs are also an option, with variety of designs like animal tails and furs that add a rather wild tone in the bed and  if you want to buy tail butt plugs, click here.

If you want to have a special orgasmic experience, consider the tips below. Experts have recommendations for both women and men!

Let’s face it: the first anal sex party will be unpleasant. You’ll feel like someone’s getting a finger in your ass. Nobody likes this. Probably you will feel the second time, and the third and the 20th time. But if you know how to prepare yourself and what moves to do, the sensation will be accompanied by unprecedented pleasures of pleasure.

Many women give up the idea after the first game of anal sex because men are not at all “trained” in this regard. They are in a hurry, they do not pay attention to women and everything ends quickly and unhappily at least for women. This does not mean that the woman has to accept anal sex just for the sake of the man! If you’re determined to give a chance to this sex, call your boyfriend next to you and read the lines below:

  1. Anal sex should not hurt – here comes the role of lubricant, preferably water-based. Use it abundantly; you will need to “slip” like a book.
  2. Start with something “small” – with a finger, tongue, with anal balls that have different sizes, recommends sexologist.
  3. Not to the end! I mean, it does not completely penetrate your penis into the poor anus, because it does not make sense. The nerves of pleasure are located right at the entrance and the anal hole is tight enough, so there is no need to “fill the void” to feel pleasure.
  4. Without fast moves – in porn movies this is practiced, but in reality it is recommended to take it as easily. It’s not like losing a football match! Do it slowly and see what the moves your partner likes are.
  5. Communicate – the best way to figure out what you like and what does not.
  6. No, anal sex is not “dirty” – because, in fact, the anus and especially the low part of the penis (where the penis enters) do not retain feces (exception is the situation where the partner is constipated – so attention to this aspect).
  7. Clisma (evacuation of faeces), because we have reached this chapter, should be done quite rarely (and preferably only at the advice of the physician, who usually recommend it before colonoscopy is done) because, in addition to the toxins you eliminate, you will also lose healthy colon bacteria that help normalize intestinal transit. You find escudos in the pharmacies containing safe plants and substances, especially for those who have constipation problems, so they give up on the idea of ??cleaning your colon with some remedies found on dubious sites.
  8. If you are embarrassed that the anus is “unattractive”, you can use anal bleaching creams. It is true that in the past only porn movies act on this method, but now more and more women are interested in this procedure, which is still reluctantly viewed by the uninformed audience. In order to avoid painful “surprises” (irritation, burning etc.), buy products that do not contain dyes, perfumes, hydroquinone or acid. And, very importantly, do not let the cream work longer than is specified on the packaging.
  9. Now that the anus is ready for the “big entrance”, it is important to pay attention to the other erogenous areas. Most women need stimulation at all levels. So do not ignore the vagina, clitoris and nipples!
  10. The last advice that men should keep in mind: Do not insert the finger in the vagina that you used in the anus. As clean as the anus, there are still bacteria, and the vagina is extremely sensitive and there is a risk of infection.

So, if you’re afraid to try anal sex, keep in mind the recommendations above so you have a nice experience to repeat with the opportunity!