How to Orgasm Using an Anal Hook

Anal plugs are perfectly suited to make first experiences with the stimulation of the anal area. Recent studies show that 94 percent of all women may experience orgasm through anal intercourse combined with clitoral stimulation. In men, too, anal stimulation can bring unprecedented heights. The reason is that there are thousands of nerve endings in the anal area, just waiting to be properly stimulated. Metal toys like anal hooks and cock cages used in porn industry and has gain popularity. So if you have the question in mind that can you orgasm from anal hook then the answer is obvious.

In order to guarantee you always the most beautiful experiences with the use of an anal plug, here are the best guide.

What are an anal plug / butt plug / anal dildo?

These are synonyms for the same sex toy, which is used more and more often in the bedrooms at the latest after the first part of “Shades of Gray “. The product can be seen as a kind of dildo that’ll make you horny as a devil and is not introduced vaginal, but anal. Due to the special shape of the butt plug after insertion prevents it from slipping out or in can.

An important difference from the plug to a dildo is that it is tapered at the tip for easy insertion. On the other hand, at the bottom (the base), the plug first becomes very narrow, but then goes back to the width, so that it looks like a stopper. This base is offered in different forms, for example with printed stars or an “artificial animal tail “to screw on. The appearance of the anal plug itself can be different again and again. Above all, the different materials that can be used here are to be named. To mention in this case are:

  • Silicone
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic
  • Granite
  • Wood
  • Made of metal

Furthermore, it should not be neglected that the plugs can have additional features such as a built-in vibrator.

The top 5 anal plugs

Here are the best anal plugs to enjoy assured orgasm:

  1. Adorn Me

Both beginners and experienced users will enjoy using the best model. The plug is made of metal and is therefore not only very durable, but can also be heated before insertion. Ideally, the model is here for stretching the anal before anal sex.

The soft surface flatters your skin and can therefore be inserted as easily as possible. Add to that a light cleaning that’s completed in minutes, saving you time. In addition, the plug still has a chic look, which additionally stimulates sexual intercourse. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the product can also be cooled, so that you experience a very special stimulation. The original products from “Adorn” always have a high-quality finish and thus minimize the risk of injury.

  1. Tapso

The introduction of an anal plug should under no circumstances be associated with pain or discomfort. If you should worry about these points, then my softest toy from the test offers itself. Both without and with vibration, the insertion is supple and easy, which is due to the high-quality choice of materials.

After inserting, use 8 gentle vibration levels that will stimulate you anal, improving not only sex but also your orgasm. Also, you can still count on a handy design to have the toy always with you. In this way, flexible stimulation is possible. Add to this the waterproof surface which extends your application possibilities and the easy charging of the battery, which saves time and work.

  1. Tiaobug anal plug set silicone

Introducing an anal plug the first time is easier if the right sex toy is used. These vie r models are in accordance with the best for beginners suitable. The reason is the soft and silky surface and the not too wide shape in different sizes. No variant from the test can thus be easily introduced by beginners.

Once one of the anal plugs in different sizes has been introduced, a perfect initial stimulation can be expected. Strong orgasms are not uncommon in this case. Likewise, the toys are very skin-friendly, so there is no skin irritation or redness. Thanks to the waterproof housing, you can also use the plugs flexibly in the shower or bathtub at any time. Use the purchase of the plugs on a high-quality online shop like!

  1. Prostate vibrators massager

Men need a special kind of stimulation to get an anal orgasm. This best toy for men offers by its vibration the appropriate massage. This ensures that the anal orgasm is not long in coming.

The shape of the plug makes it easy to insert. Added to this is the setting of the gentle to strong vibrations, which can be easily adjusted according to your mood. Above all, the use of the remote control is here to name, to quickly adjust the vibration exactly to his wishes.

Testimonial: The special shape and vibration makes it possible, depending on your mood, to use gentle or intensive stimulation. For men a real “must have”.

  1. Super slider

The handiest model test can be flexibly transported from you. Even everyday wear is possible. Unfortunately, it must be said that the small size of the butt plug ensures that the stimulation is not as high as on the other models. Nevertheless, with at least 5 vibration levels, you can provide a slightly stronger anal massage. Furthermore, sufficient security is ensured since a foot at the end of the plug prevents it from sliding too deeply into the anus.

Are butt plugs suitable for men and women?

Both sexes can use this toy with them. In this case, there are no real differences in form or function. In some cases, however, it can happen in men that the toys are combined with a cock ring. With such a set can be expected for an even more intense stimulation during sex which plugs the men and women use in the end, is up to them.

What does the anal plug application do?

Usually, this toy is first used once for anal stimulation. In this case, the article can also be worn during sex to provide more variety. Likewise, it is also possible to use the anal plug alone to satisfy anal. On the other hand, the product is used as a preparation for the anal intercourse. In this case, it’s about the anus to those in order to make the penetration of the penis pain-free.


Another use is the training of the sphincter. If the butt plug is worn accordingly for a longer time, the sphincter muscle is stretched so that the subsequent anal intercourse is completely painless. Finally, it should be noted that the article can be used in men for the prostate stimulation. Also in this case, it’s about wearing the plug over a long time in the anus.

How can you best use the toy?

The use is basically easy to implement. This is about carefully inserting the anal plug in the anus. As a result, most people find it easier to complete insertion in a sitting, standing or kneeling position. In any case, it makes sense to allow enough time in this process to avoid injury. It should also be noted that lubricant should be used to facilitate penetration.

In addition to the independent introduction of the anal plug, it is of course also possible to have this task carried out by his partner or his partner. If the plug is to be worn for several hours, it is recommended to remove it every hour to apply new lubricant. In this way it is ensured that the plug can rotate freely, which is especially important during movements to avoid pain.

Which models are available?

As already mentioned, there are many different models of the anal plugs, resulting in the size; the appearance and the function differentiate. First of all, all products are equipped with a vibrator. In this way, even better stimulation of the anus can be taken care of. Depending on the model, this vibrator can be scattered directly on the plug or via a remote control.