Butt Plug Tips for Virgins

Being positive about sex can bring you to a lot of new and exciting places. Experimenting with anal play is definitely one of them.

The world of anal is vast, but you need to start from the bottom to get to the top. There are no shortcuts here, simply because it’s safer to take it slow. We don’t want anyone to be hurt in the process of trying out things that should feel good.

So we bring you the best butt plug first-timer tips you can find. All that to ensure that you have a good time and a great first experience. Then, we’ll have to kick you out of the nest, so you can learn how to fly. Don’t worry — it’s way more fun than you think.

Butt Plugs for Anal Play Virgins

Anal play is something you need to implement in your sex life. Why? It’s just too much fun. You’ll be in for the pleasure of your wildest dreams.

Butt plugs are tear-shaped sex toys with a flared base that are excellent at introducing you to the world of anal play. This is a versatile toy that you can enjoy in more ways than just one. Use it solo or pair it with another toy — or your partner’s toy. Whatever you do, butt plugs will bring you orgasms galore.

This fantastic toy works by stretching your behind as much as you want it to since it’s available in different sizes. However, if you’re a butt plug virgin, we suggest working your way up from the very bottom. Beware that once you try them, you’ll never look back.

Take It Slow

Being a butt plug first-timer, we’re sure you’re excited to try this toy out. You’ve heard all about it and anal sex in general, and you’re finally ready. This is where we tell you to hit the brakes and take it one step at a time.

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Most importantly, you will need a lot of lube. We really mean a lot. Your rear end doesn’t lubricate itself the same way lady parts do. That’s why you need to help it out, so you can have the best possible time. Using a lot of lube guarantees you’ll avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Inserting a butt plug slowly is crucial too. Remember that your butt is naturally tight, which means it needs some time to stretch and adjust. If you ever feel like it’s too much, you can pull the plug out. Every anal journey is different, so play according to your own rules.

Pain Before Pleasure

No matter how slow you go or how lubed up you are, there might be a tiny bit of pain. If the pain you’re experiencing is overwhelming, something might be wrong. The pain that comes with anal play is minor and actually enjoyable to many.

To minimize said pain, it’s always smart to start with the smallest possible size. It might feel like it’s too small, and you think you’re immediately ready to go big. Go big or go home, right? Well, not in this case.

No matter how small you think the plug is, its size is right for your beginner level. When you gain more experience, you can easily size up. For the time being though, it’s safest to keep it small. In this case, size indeed matters. Who knows, maybe you won’t even enjoy larger sizes. Either way, make sure you work your way up.

How to Avoid Injuries on Your First Try

Unfortunately, there are many injuries that can occur if you’re not careful. Anal play is meant to feel good, but you do need to follow some guidelines. Once you test the waters and get familiar with how everything works, you can bend the rules to your liking.

Avoid pushing the butt plug in suddenly or forcibly. One of the most common injuries is anal tears. This happens if you aren’t going slowly or there’s not enough lube. When we say go slow — we really mean go super slow. This might be challenging if you’re impatient, but you can do it.

All of the injuries are preventable. What you need to do is follow the advice we offer in this article. Those are the basics of anal play, especially at the beginning. Start small, be gentle, and use a lot of lube. Nothing bad can happen if you follow the rules.


Making a decision to try anal toys — or anal play in general — is huge. Many people steer clear from it because there’s a lot of stigma surrounding it. Those people don’t know what they’re missing out on. Thankfully, you’re going to find out.

Exploring and experimenting this way is bound to spice up your sex life and bring it to another level. So consider yourself to be in anal training. One day you’re only trying a butt plug, and the next, you’ll be wearing it for hours on end.

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This toy has no limits to what it can do. Another vital thing to remember is never to play a matchmaker between your holes. Your butt and vagina might be close, but they’re not supposed to interact.