Choosing Your Customized Butt Plug

A butt plug can be customized?! Indeed it can!

We all love a good, simple butt plug. It does a great job of satisfying many of us. But what if that just isn’t the case for you anymore? Well, you can customize it to your liking and get the best out of it.

So what can you do, you wonder? Pretty much anything you want. You can reshape it, recolor it, give it your own stamp if you will. By that, we mean you can stamp your face onto it. Yes, you can.

This article is full of great ideas and ways in which you can alter a butt plug to suit your needs, however wild they may be. So let’s see what you can do.

The Wide Variety of Butt Plugs

So, you finally decided to get an anal plug. In the sea of many anal toys, there must be one for you, right?

Ass plugs come in different shapes and sizes. Literally! They can come in a variety of materials too. There are glass butt plugs, silicone ones, and even ones carefully carved from the finest wood.

So how do you separate the perfect ones from the good ones? Focus on what you want to achieve during anal play. Consider what kind of sensations you want to feel and what you’re comfortable with. The most crucial part of any plug is the base, though. That is, make sure that whatever model you get, it has a flared base.

But what if there simply isn’t anything that meets your needs? Don’t panic just yet because we have a solution for you. Custom butt plugs! Yes, that’s a thing.

Custom plugs aren’t just for those who can’t find what they want. We’re going to cover all of that and more in this article. Who knows, maybe there will be a plug for you after all.

Customized Butt Plug

You better strap in because what you’re about to read is going to blow you away.

What does customization imply? Anything you can imagine, really. Custom designs can encompass different texts or images, color combinations, texture, shapes. You name it! Can’t imagine any of those things applying to your plain butt plug? Let us explain.

When it comes to texts or images, you can usually find them at the base of your plug. You can let your imagination run wild and come up with anything. Don’t think of long quotes as they probably won’t fit. A few kinky words, or even your name, will do just fine. You can even use images!

We don’t think we should explain color combinations and textures, so let’s talk about shapes. Can you imagine having a dildo in the shape of your favorite celebrity? Neither could we until we saw it! The same goes for your favorite cartoon characters or your partner. Anything weird you can come up with, a 3D printer can make into reality.

Maybe don’t think of unicorn horns, for example. While they’re adorable, they are also pretty sharp and can end up injuring you. Always think of safety first. So spirally plugs and such are a-okay.

See, you don’t have to worry about finding the right toy — now you can create it! Everyone’s going to be jealous of your new, unique plug. At least everyone you show it to.

When Do You Need a Customized Butt Plug?

It should go without saying that everyone needs a butt plug. But when do you need to add a little flair to it? We can think of a few ideas.

Spicing up your sex life can be one of them. Maybe anal penetration doesn’t do much for you when done with a regular anal plug. We want our ass play to be fun and enjoyable above all, not dull. Sometimes nothing on the market is exciting, and sometimes you deserve to indulge and treat yourself to something extraordinary.

You can also gift them! A custom butt plug can be a marvelous gift for any kinky friend. We’re sure it’ll become their prized possession, and they’ll treasure it. Wouldn’t you?

Last but not least, it can be a prank. Gifting sex toys as a prank has a long history. But now you can do it on a whole other level. Try it out!

Regular Butt Plug vs. Customized

When you really think about it, there isn’t much of a contrast between regular and customized plugs. However, some differences do exist.

We all know what a usual butt plug looks like and what it does. Same with any other sex toy. So why would you go as far as customizing anything? The regular ones do the job, don’t they? Not always.

Sometimes, the regular plugs simply don’t do it for you, so you have to come up with something new to enjoy anal. The images and text you can imprint don’t make much difference in satisfying you. They’re there for aesthetics. When you customize the plug’s texture or surface, though, that’s when the differences come to light.

You can create a texture you know will satisfy you. That alone beats any regular butt plug you can find sitting in the market, does it not?


After everything we’ve learned, would you go out of your way to customize your sex toys? We certainly would!

Now that we think about it, plugs in the shape of your partner’s bust can be great for long-distance relationships, right? That way, you can always have your partner close to you. Or inside of you, to be exact.

If you just want to add a little flair and make your favorite toy special, you can do that too. Any reason you have to customize your butt plug is a good reason. It will make you feel special as well, and you’ll be more inclined to reach for it during anal.

All you have to do is let your imagination take over.