The Difference Between Vaginal and Anal Sex

Different Types of Female Orgasm

People used to stigmatize female orgasms for a long while. Apart from heterosexual, vaginal penetration, everything else was deadly wrong.

However, there’s more to sexual intercourse than mere penetration. To make your woman come to the big O, you must get to know her weakest (or sweetest?) points. The female body abounds in erogenous zones that will inevitably lead a woman to climax if handled properly.

The most powerful one, which is at the same time the hardest to find, is, without doubt, the G spot. Once found, it will lead to a G spot orgasm, probably the strongest orgasm that a woman can achieve. Besides the G spot orgasm, ladies also favor clitoral orgasms reached by external, oral stimulation, as well as with fingers or sex toys.

Another powerful type of orgasm that makes women go frantic is anal orgasm. Logically, it is anal penetration that leads to it.

Furthermore, even though it might require a slightly deeper thrusting and harder work, cervical orgasm is not to be neglected either.

But it is not during sex only that women can reach an orgasm. Oddly enough, they can have a coregasm during a sweaty workout, specifically while doing abdominal exercises.

Anus vs. Vagina

Because of its main function, people have always considered the anus dirty and foul. Similarly, people have regarded anal sex as perverted, painful, and gay-only. That, however, is nothing but a misconception.

With adequate hygiene and proper lubrication, anal sex will give you memorable orgasms. It does require greater thrusting control because it is quite tighter than the vagina. Also, it lacks natural lubrication, so using lubricants is a must. But it is the very tightness of the ass that makes anal sex so fantastic. Plus, the anus is rich in nerves that add to the overall experience.

Vagina, on the other hand, is a known but not thoroughly explored field. What is known, though, is that it is extremely sensitive to touch, especially her majesty the Clit. What makes the clitoris so delicate is a lot of nerve endings. That is just one of the reasons why oral sex and licking are that awesome.

But it isn’t the clit only that is so sensitive — it is the whole vagina: the nerves and blood vessels located on its entire area that promise exquisite pleasure during intercourse. Unlike the anus, the vagina lubricates naturally, so basically, there is no need for external aid. Plus, it is textured on the inside, which makes vaginal sex and penetration more intense and frantic.

Preparations for Penetration

As anal sex might be risky, it requires extra preparation compared to vaginal sex. Regardless of whether you are going to use butt plugs, anal beads, or a penis, there are several steps you must follow.

First and foremost, you must prepare for it mentally. Anal penetration is completely different from vaginal. As such, it requires a lot of talking, patience, and, most importantly, consent. Both you and your partner should want it and be ready to stop once it becomes painful or uncomfortable.

When it comes to anal sex, lubes are a must as the anus lacks natural lubrication. If you fail to apply some lube, what was supposed to be pleasure may turn into pain. For the same reason, you should also forget about rough anal sex unless you want to tear open your partner’s anus.

Last but not least, you must take care of your hygiene. The main function of your backdoor might make anal sex a bit risky. Both your and your partner’s sexual health is important and should not be ignored. Otherwise, you may end up with nasty conditions or diseases whose treatment might last for a while.

Anal Sex vs. Vaginal Sex

Since anal and vaginal are completely different, you should avoid using the same techniques for both. The anus is a lot tighter than the vagina, plus it has no natural lubrication. If not lubed enough, it will be hard, even impossible, to penetrate painlessly. Forcing the penetration will do no good, so you should not even think about that.

But it is that very tightness of the anus that makes the entire intercourse so incredible. The sphincter is the anus’s tightest point, gripping the penis strongly in all the right ways, but only at specific points. It adds more friction during penetration. That is why anal sex is almost impossible without lubing up. For the same reason, rough penetration will result in injuries.

As opposed to the anus, the vagina grips the whole penis. Besides, it produces its own lubricant that makes the penetration go smoothly. Therefore, both partners should agree on the level and intensity of sex.

Similarly, it might be necessary to try out different sex positions. Not all of them are comfortable or pleasant, so it is up to the partners to find the one that suits them best. Once you discover the perfect spot and position, the big O is inevitable.

Reaching Orgasm

Simply put, the stimulation of all the nerves back there leads to a great anal orgasm. Some people say that anal orgasm is similar to its clitoral counterpart because of the contractions of the sphincter that accompany it. Others, however, describe it as a wave of pleasure spreading through the body.

The sensation necessary to reach the orgasm may vary from person to person. Some have it during penetration with their partner, and others want just a light touch on the taint. Experimenting with toys, stimulation, touching, and different levels of intensity are the best way to find what is best for you. There is not a universal instruction that fits everyone.

What is similar, though, is the stages through which a person goes before they can come from anal. The first stage is excitement during which the heart starts beating faster, and the blood flow increases. The next is when the excitement reached in phase intensifies.

The final stage is the climax, i.e., the orgasm. That is the shortest point, lasting only several seconds. The final one is the resolution when the body goes back to normal. Some women can quickly return to the orgasm phase, thus having several orgasms. Men, on the other hand, need some time to recover.

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Anal sex is definitely not something you should avoid, especially if you are keen on trying out new stuff. There is nothing bad or wrong with it despite common stereotypes and prejudice, as long as you respect your partner’s desires and limits.