How Versatile Are Sex Swings?

Bondage and discipline are some of the major BDSM kinks. Moreover, their elements are also widespread throughout the BDSM world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the market offers a wide range of restraints — from handcuffs and ropes to harnesses, commonly known as sex swings.

Sex swings (also known as sex slings) are unique because their purpose is twofold. They act as restraints, suspending the submissive person and disabling them from moving. However, they also allow a couple to enjoy a variety of sex positions they find challenging or even impossible.

Sex swings are probably the most versatile sex toys of all. If you have never tried one, you will be surprised, nay, thrilled to learn about the variations that exist among them.

Sex Swings: Design and Features

The selection of adult sex swings available on the market is rather broad. The reason is the diversity of designs and materials they are made of. Therefore, before you select your sex swing, you need to know your preferences and limits.

Roof-Mounted Sex Swings

If you have ever seen a movie that deals with BDSM, such as “Fifty Shades of Grey,” you have probably seen a roof-mounted sex swing. Such harnesses are the most common ones, but their installment calls for some skill (and a strong joist).

Roof-mounted sex swings vary from single-hook ones to dual-hook ones. Depending on your choice, you will have to drill one or two holes in your ceiling in order to install the mounting point(s). Afterward, attach the eye hook, which sometimes comes with the swing or the tie-down anchor.

Sex swings from this category can have various features. Some allow 360-degree spinning sex, while others come with a metal bar for attaching handcuffs.

Door Sex Swings

Sex swings have gained so much popularity that you can now turn your door into a harness. All you need to do is hang the straps with metal stoppers over your door and close it (you may want to lock it as well). Although it cannot swing in both directions, a door sex swing is perfect for those of you who don’t have enough space to set up the next swing from our list.


Sex Swings With Stands

Unlike roof-mounted harnesses, sex swings with stands are simple and easy to set up. They feature a collapsible stand, so it’s not time-consuming to install them. Additionally, their design allows you to store them under your bed or in your closet. You can even take them with you on a trip!


Body Sex Swings

You can enjoy a sex swing without having to hang it from your ceiling, door, or a stand. Instead, you can use your partner’s body as a mounting point. 

Although it differs from the standard harness, a body sex swing will cast an entirely new light on standing-up sex positions.


Different Ways to Enjoy a Sex Swing

Knowing how to use a sex swing properly is as essential as its installment. You want to enjoy it and not get tangled in it. Fortunately, every sex swing kit comes with a set of instructions. Read them carefully and complete every step before you dare to try your new toy. 

Once you have your swing set up securely, it should support the suspended person’s back and behind alike. Moreover, they must feel comfortable in the harness so that they can relax. Every swing for adults has adjustable stirrups for legs, so you don’t have to worry about your or your partner’s legs being overly flexed.


Submissive and Accessible

Whichever BDSM kink you prefer, taking/relinquishing control is at its core. Given the nature of BDSM, all sex toys meant to be used during scenes are designed to support that kind of relationship dynamic — sex swings are no exception. Not only do they restrain the submissive person, limiting their movement, but they also give the dominant access to their partner’s intimate area. If you are the one to be restrained by a swing, you will enjoy your partner’s teasing as well as their touches in a whole new way.

Sex Swing Positions: A Whole World of Options

The primary purpose of a sex swing is to facilitate intercourse by allowing you and your partner to get into almost any position you can imagine. Some sex positions put too much pressure on your arms, some require physical strength you may not have, and others seem downright impossible. Instead of risking your safety by doing acrobatics, you can set up a sex sling and explore your options.

Setting Up a Sex Swing: Reminders

As we have already stated, setting up a sex swing can be rather challenging. That especially goes for roof-mounted swings, whose installment requires skill as well as a strong joist. 

There are several factors you need to take into account prior to purchasing your harness. If you want a roof-mounted one, remember that a hook in your ceiling will reveal your fantasies to your nosy friends and relatives. Moreover, there is the question of whether your ceiling can support yours or your partner’s weight.

In case you want a sex sling with stands, however, you will need a spacious room. This harness is discrete because you can store it nearly anywhere, but it takes more space than any of the other ones when set up. If you can’t get enough of the sex swings that we have showed you, here are more LG options for your satisfaction. 

Finally, the introduction of a sex swing to your sex life calls for a conversation with your partner. Remember that BDSM is about safe, sane, and consensual sex, so every novelty has to be discussed.


Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the selection of sex swings available offers a wide range of options. You can choose your harness based on its design, material of which it is made, as well as its features. Once you decide to try out a sex swing, you will be only a brief visit to a sex shop (traditional or virtual) away from an exciting BDSM experience!