Have We Totally Changed the True Meaning of Sex?

Sexual intercourse has changed a lot in the past couple of decades. But whether it is for better or worse is open for debate. Some people claim that the rules and meaning of sex are different, and they dislike what the future might hold. 

Sex and technology work hand in hand today, and many people are redefining the purpose and meaning of sex. 

The Real Meaning Of Sex

What is the meaning of sex? There are so many species that have intercourses. They find a partner, they mate, and they reproduce. For generations, the true meaning of sex was creating offspring. There was nothing more to it than ensuring the new generations see the light of day. Before humans evolved and developed reason, sex was the same as with any other species. But an interesting thing happened when people became conscious. 

Of course, it would be impossible to pinpoint the moment humans developed consciousness, so we will look at the ancient civilizations instead. In Greece, sexuality and sexual desires were quite important. People glorified it, and they enjoyed living life to the fullest. 

Sexual orientation was not important, and bisexuality and homosexuality were rather common. A similar thing applied to ancient Rome too. Same-sex relationships weren’t uncommon, and no one thought that it would diminish one’s masculinity, as long as the person was dominant or played the penetrative role. 

Probably everyone knows about Kamasutra since Indians had a significant role in the history of sex. Many historians agree that India was one of the pioneers of sexual education through literature and art. If we can assume just one thing from the past, it is that humans enjoy having sex. They started doing it for fun and pleasure, and human sexuality was nothing to be ashamed of. 

While it is the same thing we strive towards today, not everyone is sexually open, and there are many places where people disapprove of sexual identities for both men and women. Interestingly, they believe that we somehow changed the meaning and purpose of sex and that males and females should be sexual partners only to creature future generations. That is more than ridiculous.


But saying that nothing changed in the past two thousand years would be wrong. Everything changed. And somehow, a lot of things remained the same. People still want to pursue pleasure. Young people often fail to see the point of emotional investment, and they would rather skip the whole “boring” part to get to the main prize, which they believe is sex. 

Sexual attraction is nothing new. The majority of people are into other humans, whether they are of the same or opposite sex. It makes no difference. The only important thing today is feeling good and enjoying life to the fullest. 

That is why hookup culture started rapidly growing in the past couple of decades. The term became quite popular in 2000 across the U.S., and it describes sexually active people who aren’t in a relationship. 

While some see it as a problem, others perceive it as a way out. People who are against hookups or causal sex are usually from a religious or conservative background. For them, sex is sacred, and it is the purest and highest form of love that should stay between the bride and the bridegroom.

But there is no denying that sex feels good, and people are more afraid than ever to get involved with others. Fear of rejection, hurt, heartache, and everything else would serve as a guide for different sexual standards. Many folks would rather experience the brief pleasure of occasional hookups than risk it all and get hurt in the end.  

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Same-Gender Sex

One of the main differences between hetero and homosexual couples is in the way they have sex. The first group usually does it to reproduce. But same-sex couples can’t get a baby even if they are not on birth control. They don’t do it because their mother would really like a grandchild. 

Same-sex couples have sex because they enjoy it. They love their partners, and even if they are a part of the hookup culture, sex is still something they do for pleasure. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there are no heterosexual couples who enjoy sex. It’s just that there is no possibility for same-sex couples to have anything else but pleasure. 

Sex and Science

Technology changes our perception of sex, similarly to how the hookup culture does. There are so many different ways to have pleasure today, and it’s frightening. It is the primary reason why they are so against it and why they love signing their little petitions. 

One of the examples is VR sex games and sex toys. You can dive into virtual reality and have sex with imaginary characters as long as you want. It is no longer about couples, love, and relationships. For some people, it is about filling the void and making them feel good. It might be the only way for them to experience joy. Technology is also an excellent way for long-distance relationships to work and help those who aren’t as fortunate as others, for example, with artificial insemination. 

While there are obvious pros and cons to the next sexual revolution, no one can deny its impressive and how far we came as a species. Moreover, sex toys have improved a lot since ancient Greece and its bread dildoes. People are becoming more open about their sexuality and gender identity, which means that companies now focus solely on our pleasure.   

The Future of Sex

There is no chance that someone can know what the future will hold. However, we can assume that there will be a lot of things that will remain the same. All of the social and cultural rules will stay with us in the future. At least when it comes to sex. 

The only thing that might happen is more technological improvements. There are already a couple of brothels across the world that gives visitors an opportunity to have sex with dolls. And numerous companies are working on sex robots too! The idea behind it is to ensure that everyone can still have fun while keeping women safe and far away from prostitution. 

Of course, we already mentioned virtual reality, and the technology keeps improving by the day. There are so many VR games that look incredible, and give you a chance to experience video games like never before. Naturally, people are already wondering how they can combine it with sex, and you can find countless VR porn videos online. 

But the most important thing is that sex will remain a way for people to experience pleasure. That is something that should never change. Sex is an integral part of society, and everyone should be allowed to have it. Sexual orientation, gender identity, and everything else should not be important. The only thing that matters about sex is consent. 

Other than that, people should be allowed to enjoy themselves without prejudice. The real meaning of sex is what you believe it to be. No one should tell you how to behave or what to feel, and you should do what makes you feel happy.