How to Care for Your Butt Plugs for Long Term Use

Branded Butt plug set lands in third place in the butt plug test. The butt plugs can score with the high quality material of hygienic silicone and the ergonomic design. The soft surface ensures a high wearing comfort and a pleasant handling. The butt plugs are simply designed. In this set are four different butt plugs in different sizes.

Manufacturer warranty, material, different sizes and much more

First of all, the Butt Plug Set impresses with the high quality and warranty with which the manufacturer promotes. International brands offer a thirty-day no-risk money-back guarantee for each product and a one-year limited warranty. Buyers therefore play it safe with the purchase of this butt plug set.

The butt plugs are made of high quality material. All plugs are made of hygienic and phalate-free silicone, so that insertion without any health concerns is easily possible. In addition, brands promotes with the soft surface and ergonomic design, which provide a pleasurable and extensive sexual stimulation in the butt area. The conical shape ensures that the butt plug adapts ideally to the respective body. The squeegee provides a comfortable grip on sexual pleasure so that the butt plug gets stuck in the anus. The butt plug clings to the body and offers unique sexual orgasms.

Above all, the large selection of different sizes in Butt Plug Set can convince because in this set are four different sex toys, so both man and women are guaranteed to get their money. After all, the small butt plug is already 10.4 cm long and has an insert able length of 8.9 cm. The diameter is 2.5 cm. For the medium sized butt plug the buyer gets an insertable length of 9,9 cm with a diameter of 2,8 cm, while the big butt plug has an insertable length of 10,9 cm and a diameter of 3 cm. The biggest butt plug for professionals and experienced butt lovers has a diameter of 3.8 cm and 13.5 cm insertable length. As a result, this set is ideal for partners who want to engage in butt intercourse for the first time. Because these butt plugs are ideal for preparing for butt intercourse. Gradually, the anus can be widened, so at the end of this pleasurable process of butt intercourse.Another plus is the easy cleaning. The manufacturer advertises that the cleaning is done quickly and thoroughly. The four-part butt plug set can be purchased for 19.96 dollars.

The user experiences

Shoppers rave about the variety of this butt plug set because the four different sizes are suitable for every individual need. With users complaining that the smallest butt plug is too small for most butt plug sets, buyers still have three more butt plugs to choose from. The size selection is thus the big plus in this sex toy set. But also the medical silicone and the high-quality workmanship provide with the majority of the buyers for enthusiasm. Another positive thing about some buyers is the fact that a black bag is included, although this is not mentioned in the product description. For stowage of butt plugs is thus taken care of. Buyers also confirmed that these imported models is the best butt plug for long term wear.

It is only criticized that a little smell is absorbed by the butt plugs during long wearing. Even if the odor disappears after some time and a thorough cleaning, this point ensures low deductions. Nevertheless, the price-performance ratio is completely convincing, as interested parties get a comprehensive set of butt sex toys for little money.

The butt plug set impresses mainly by the four different butt plugs and consequently lands in third place of the product test. The quality and handling were also evaluated very positively. Only the lack of extras and the absorption of odor prevent the butt plug set from landing further up. Nevertheless, the purchase of this butt plugs set, highly recommended.

The set in fourth place also impresses with its extensive selection of different butt plugs in different sizes. The soft, flexible and smooth material ensures easy handling and high wearing comfort. After the sexual pleasure a simple cleaning is required so that the hygiene is always guaranteed.

Processing, material, cleaning and various sizes

The manufacturer advertises this butt plug set with advantages of butt plugs, especially in terms of high quality workmanship and great material because the butt plugs are all made of 100% medical silicone, so that the material allows safe use. Safer sex gets a whole new meaning in the butt plug set.

In addition to the high-quality material, the professional workmanship also inspires because the butt plugs are soft and have a smooth surface. The sex toy can thus be gently and gently introduced into the anus.

In addition, the manufacturer promises that after successful use easy cleaning is possible. It is sufficient to wash the butt plug with warm water and normal soap to ensure adequate hygiene. Thus, after the exhausting sexual act, users do not need much time and energy to get the butt plugs ready for next season.

Four different sizes ensure that all buyers benefit from the butt plugs because depending on personal experience and individual needs, the right butt plug is included in the set. The smallest butt plug is 4 x 1 inches in size. The middle plug measures 4.5 x 1.12 inches, while the large butt plug measures 5.5 x 1.5 inches. The largest plug is suitable for professional and experienced lovers of butt intercourse and is 6 x 1.5 inches tall.

The butt plug set also delights with great extras. Because in addition to the four different butt plugs, a tube of lubricating cream and an enema machine is included. The enema machine is suitable for cleaning the anus before use because hygiene is the alpha and omega of sexually arousing butt intercourse. Four different butt plugs, the lubricating cream and the enema machine are available for 17.79 dollars.

Experiences of buyers and conclusion

The majority of buyers are completely satisfied with the butt plug set. Above all, the workmanship and high quality are highlighted positively. A big plus, according to the buyer’s experience, is the range of different sizes. Partially, users start with the smallest plug, sometimes with the second-smallest, and then increase continuously. This ensures a high sexual arousal. In addition, the easy and quick cleaning with warm water and some soap is emphasized. For after the sexual act have the least time and desire to sprawl over to the cleaning of the toys. Few buyers complain that the butt plugs have caused a little unpleasant friction without lubricants. Even if this experience only occurred with a few users and can be avoided with the use of lubricants, there are deductions. As a result, imported Butt Plug Set ends up in fourth place in the butt plug test.