Ulitmate Guide for Using Anal Shower for the First Time

Basically, the anal shower is recommended before and after sex. In a normal cleaning, the anal shower offers once a week. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s information. Here you will get to know about the best way to anal douche.

Do I need special accessories for the anal shower?

Manufacturers supply all the necessary accessories in the delivery. Normally, no other accessories are needed.

Is the anal shower easy to handle?

The anal shower consists of a thin tube that is inserted into the anus. Water is introduced through the pipe, ensuring thorough cleaning.

Is an anal shower really useful?

The anal shower is not only sensible after intercourse, but it is also suitable for washing between the two. In particular, this area contains many bacteria that can lead to health problems.

How much does an anal shower cost?

Anal douche there is already for only 10 dollars to buy. Therefore, look for a good finish when buying and look at some branded products.

The comparison with the anal shower has shown that there are many models that can be used individually. They can be used for colon cleansing, but also for stimulation. Its use not only contributes to health, but it is an ideal preparation for making love and increasing well-being many times. In the end, the type of sodomy used depends on your wishes and needs and must be chosen so that both partners can identify it. Therefore, only the Anal Personal Shower Test helps!

After treating in a first article pleasures and practices that can be found in anal sex, here is a very important article on hygiene and cleanliness, a point of blocking or interrogation that prevents many people from going through to act with anal sex.

Basic principles on hygiene and cleanliness of this area

Obviously, the anal area is an area that is not super clean or super hygienic a few hours after washing. First, when you defecate, the faeces pass through the rectal canal and dirty the anus, so the area is no longer cleans.

Second, when we speak of anal penetration, it means to introduce an object or part of the body into the rectal canal and the rectum, again there are questions about the hygiene of the thing. The different discussions had with trainees on prostate pleasure, readers, and libertines have raised this block. These people are often very afraid of “defiling” their partner, or there is an accident and confronting their partner with unsavory things. It is very unlikely to have accidents if we follow some basic rules and following tips.

Hygiene and external cleanliness (anus)

How can one play with the area of ??the anus without risk of accident for oneself and for one’s partner? For the anus and buttocks, it’s very simple; shower and mild soap are your best friends. Before doing a part of legs in the air where we will have anal sex, it is more than recommended to wash well without rubbing hard the anus not to irritate because it is a very fragile and passing well everywhere to clean the anus and buttocks.

We can, when we wash, slightly penetrate a finger about 1 cm for example to remove the entrance to the rectal canal and also clean the first centimeter of the rectal canal (do not push yourself above the soap is a very bad idea). Washing like this prepares the area ideally for rimming.

Obviously, any passage to the toilet between the washing and the leg part in the air, requires a new wash session, it is obvious but it is still worth saying it.

Avoid the perfume on the anus, on the one hand you literally risk finding yourself with fire in the ass because the alcohol of the perfume generates a sensation of burning very strong on the mucous membranes and on the other hand, to lick the perfume during a rimming it’s not terrible. Use a fragrant shower gel (non-aggressive) if you absolutely want to add a nice smell of vanilla to this place.

Finally, rule of thumb with sexuality, wash your hands, always, all the time. You do not imagine all the bacteria and microbes that are brought back on these hands after touching public objects all day long.

Hygiene and interior cleanliness for penetration (rectum)

It is mainly on this point where all the blockages and bad practices are concentrated, the fear of the brown tire trace during the games! Let’s deconstruct some received ideas, here are some truths:

  • Do not push your cock or finger into “poo” when you push it into your rectum
  • In general the rectum is “clean” and empty once you have gone to the toilet
  • The enema is not necessarily a great idea and is not a practice to use systematically,
  • Whatever happens, protect yourself with a condom during sodomy (do not take example on porn movies, this is not the reality)
  • Small accidents happen rarely, but arrive. Still, this is never serious and we must take it with humor.

Principles of functioning of this area of ??the body

Be aware that behind the anus is the rectum, it is the exit of the large intestine (or colon) and this is where the feces accumulate when you want to go to the toilet. Good news, the rectum is very often empty. It only fills when you want to go to the bathroom and, when you go out of the toilet; it is empty again and will remain empty until you want to go again.

So, when we just went to the bathroom for an hour or two, there is every chance that it is completely empty. This leaves both the necessary place in the rectum for penetration by an object or member, but this knowledge also avoids imagining that his partner sticks his finger in feces.

One of the big advantages of the rectum is that it is a little “Auto wash”. So, once you have gone to the bathroom, normally there is no more faeces in the Rectum and you can practice anal sex without any problem from 30 minutes after going to the bathroom. As we are never safe from a small accident (trace or slightly brown color on the condom or dildo), there is the possibility of enema. Otherwise, the baby wipe is great to quickly clean a small trace.

The enema is the technique that avoids 99% of soil problems (if done well) during anal penetration. This involves injecting a small amount of lukewarm water (and NOTHING else) into the rectum, then expelling it naturally through the toilet to “cleanse” the rectum.

First advice, the enema has an impact on the intestinal flora and rectum, it should not be done too often under penalty of imbalance this place of the body and generate more or less significant inconvenience.

Contrary to what a whole bunch of charlatans and other enlightened experts say on the internet often selling natural enema products, or advocating expelling the disease with enemas, an enema too often more than 1 to 2 times per week is not healthy at all. Nature has shaped us so that the body functions without outside help you do not need to wash your stomach with a bottle brush after digesting? It’s the same for the intestine.