Anal Douching 101

When it comes to anal, there are so many things you need to worry about. But among the most important ones is hygiene. Keeping yourself clean is necessary to enjoy anal fully, and to ensure that you remain healthy.

Preparation for Anal Sex

There is no secret that anal sex requires preparation, and it can’t be as spontaneous as vanilla sex. Even though it might not require hours or days of getting ready, it is still something that you need to consider if you are looking for a pleasurable experience. 

Some people opt for simple cleaning with warm water, shower, or even baby wipes. Others look for a more in-depth method, one of which is douching. But what is douche, anyway? Simply put, it is a process of cleaning your anal cavity and preparing for anal sex. 

The primary goal here is to lower the possibility of unwanted smells or poop appearing in the middle of the act. While most douches use regular water to clean rectum, you can find other types of products as well. 

Besides hygiene, it is important to use lubricants that will allow everyone to enjoy anal play without pain or discomfort. 

Hygiene Routine to Avoid Poop While Doing Anal Sex

One of the main reasons why people are reluctant to try anal, besides pain, is hygiene. The truth is that neither of these things is true. It is still possible to have a pleasant and clean experience with anal. If you are looking to avoid encountering feces while having sex, you need to prepare before it in advance. 

Many fail to understand that feces are located in the upper bowel and not in the rectum. So, anal penetration is in the anal cavity, and there is no penis long enough to reach the upper bowel. While it is still possible to find traces of unwanted guests, it is a lot less likely. 

If you are planning on having backdoor sex, it’s a great idea to shower before it happens. Some also recommend emptying your bowels at least an hour before the fun begins. Finally, you can find an enema in nearly every drug store to ensure that everything is perfect. 

Different Anal Douche Types

For anyone looking for douching, there are so many kinds of douches available on the market. Usually, they separate them into four different categories based on the using method. 

Shower Enemas

Shower douches or enemas are a great way to take care of your butt hygiene while taking a shower. They have a nozzle that you will attach to the shower hose. This way, you will use water pressure to flush everything out and ensure that there are no surprises during anal. Shower enemas are easy to use, and you can attach or remove them when needed. 

Of course, you will need to be careful with the pressure and amount of water you’re using. 

Enema Bulbs

Bulb douches are probably the most common type you can find. The design is simple yet effective. Some douches have two parts: a rubber or silicone bulb and nozzle you insert into it. After you fill the bulb with warm water, you will be ready for douching. Just gently squeeze the bulb, and it will release the water into the anal canal. 

The most common type of bulb is perfect for shallow cleansing, but you can still find ones with a longer nozzle for more in-depth cleaning. 

Fleet Enemas

Unlike other water-based enemas, this one is using a saline solution. Since it is a medical enema, it might be better to stick with water ones to avoid any side effects and irritations. However, if you really like Fleet bottle, you can always fill it with water, and use it as a regular bulb douche. 

Enema Bags 

Water bag douches are a bit outdated. They are slow and not exactly user-friendly. Moreover, they look sterile and might remind you of hospitals, which is not the mood you want for sex. However, if you don’t mind the look and process, they essentially combine bulbs and shower douches, and they are quite inexpensive. 

Anal Douching When Done Excessively May Also Remove Good Bacteria

As we all know, our bodies have a lot of bacteria. The same applies to our guts. While the douching is safe, you don’t really want to overdo it. The reason why excessive douching might be a problem is that you can flush out “good” bacteria. The role of some microorganisms in our bodies is to help with digestion, bowel movements, and keeping “bad” bacteria in line. As a result, you might disrupt your intestinal flora and cause an overgrowth of harmful microbiota. 

Furthermore, being too intense and careless can damage the intestinal wall. 

Cleaning Your Anal Douche

Regardless of what type of douche you get, you will need to clean it the same way you would any other sex toy. While you might want to be dirty in bed, your toys need to be clean and sterilized. 

To clean the douche, you can use soap and water. You can also fill the bulb (if you have a douche with one) with any liquid designed for removing bacteria. After applying any of the liquids and soaps, be sure to rinse the toy with water. You can also try out cleaning sprays for sex toys to ease the whole process. Furthermore, if the toy is heat resistant, you can use boiling water to make sure that everything is spotless. 

Finally, make sure you dry the douche after cleaning to avoid mold. For this, you can use paper or hand towels. 

Douches should be cleaned thoroughly after each use.