Using Anal Plugs: Before and After Care

Ceramic anal stimulants are durable smooth products presented in different forms. The most common option butt plug, connecting the functions of massagers and simulators. The use of traffic jams before double sex prepares the muscles for penetration and subsequent frictions. The regular introduction of devices expands the anus, allowing you to experiment with a partner or stimulants that have a larger diameter, more sophisticated form.

Anal simulators, masturbators are made of clay, subjected to heat treatment at 1400 degrees Celsius. Durable, non-porous products imply easy maintenance: they are similar in properties to ordinary ceramic dishes. They are washed with soapy water, non-abrasive cleaning agents. Toys without additional vibrio mechanisms are allowed to handle in the dishwasher. Keeping your toys clean is essential especially your anal sex toys and chastity devices because healthy sex hotter.

Ceramic anal stimulators are additionally decorated, performed using several colors, which makes them more attractive. Many clients of sex shops are not only interested in effective, but also beautiful toys and will appreciate the presence of such traffic jams, massagers in your store. Do you know about Vibrating butt plug vs Vibrator? Whats the difference?

The main advantages of ceramic anal stimulants

  • Ceramic anal stimulators in the absence of sudden temperature changes are the most durable devices your customers can enjoy longer than plastic, rubber toys.
  • Butt plugs from ceramics have an increased weight, so they give unusual sensations, including those who have long been practicing unconventional sex.
  • The smooth surface of the product reduces friction, facilitates penetration, which is ideal for beginners.
  • Some models are equipped with a special cavity filled with hot or cold water. Thermal effects are very different from the usual physical. You can also just hold the toy under warm or cool water.
  • Ceramic anal stimulants do not cause allergic reactions, do not absorb liquid. Features of the material guarantee the absence of pathogenic microbes dying in the environment created by ceramics, which is the prevention of irritation, the development of infections and fungi, thrush.
  • Ceramic stopper can be used with any lubricant. Buyers with individual intolerance to specific formulations will appreciate this advantage.

Ceramic butt plugs in the inspirit company wholesale catalog

In the catalog of Inspirit Company you can find and select models of ceramic stimulants that will be a worthy decoration of your intimate shop. Products have the necessary certificates, are carefully checked before delivery, thereby eliminating the presence of chips, cracks. Cooperation with well-known global brands guarantees the use of quality ceramics without impurities for the manufacture of toys. Make profitable bulk purchases to increase profits and expand your intimate store with Inspirit Company!

This sex toy belongs to anal jewelry or Anal Jewelry. They created a real sensation in the intimate culture. Unusual, shocking and even slightly provocative. Such anal sex toys – jewelry oriented on modern, liberated, free from prejudice people who do not blush with the word sex. If you know how to receive and give pleasure in sex, are self-confident, positive, ready for experiments and courageous actions, then this toy is certainly for you. Such a thing you can please and surprise your partners in sex! Butt plug is necessary for girls not only to prepare the anus for anal sex, but also to get extra pleasure during sexual intercourse. It gives new sensations and stimulates the vaginal areas immediately adjacent to the anus,

Your partner can also use this anal sex toy; it will stimulate the prostate (prostate gland), which can cause a powerful erection and enchanting orgasm!

Moreover, such anal jewelry became not only the subject of sexual play, but also an attribute of everyday wear. Many girls decide to go with them for a walk, shopping and even to work, getting unforgettable juicy sensations.

  • So why are these traffic jams so popular in Europe and America?
  • What is the advantage of these anal plugs?

Butt Plug Anal Jewelry has the right shape, comfortable for comfortable and long wearing. The end of the cork is decorated with a large rhinestone, which can be transparent, or have a shade of a precious stone. Unlike latex or silicone plugs, these products emit no odor and are 100% hypoallergenic, since they are made of stainless steel. They do not cause irritation and individual intolerance to the material. In addition, they are absolutely hygienic, easy to wash with warm water and soap and do not react to lubricants and detergents.

Thanks to the perfectly smooth surface of the anal plug, you can easily and pleasantly enter it into the anus. Butt plug creates a pleasant feeling when wearing due to its weight, as well as it trains the muscles of your anus. LP, retailer of  high quality butt plugs, from metal, silicone, glass plugs and among other kinky things. With such a “highlight” in your body you can surprise and please your loved one or train your ass muscles for unrestrained anal sex – this means you need this anal toy!

If you know a lot about anal games and how to get the most out of them, then Slovenes Hush is for you! Even the most sophisticated anal sex lovers will appreciate this novelty, because it opens new horizons of possibilities.

  • Slovenes Hush is the first butt plug that you can control from your smartphone, which can respond to tokens and is actively used in webcam chat rooms like Bongacams. Yes, 90% of webcam chat models are already actively using it, select a model in the chat, call it in private and enjoy the game with a traffic jam by connecting to the model. Spend your tokens on your most intimate games with the model and Slovenes Hush.
  • For fans to play with their partner in the passionate anal games Slovenes Hush also offers a lot of interesting things, your phone will become the remote control. Download and install the program Lush Connect is an application for is and Android, connect to the device and you can manage Slovenes Hush from anywhere in the world, even if your partner is far from you.

Lush Connect app will give you the freedom to choose without limits – increase and decrease the power of vibration, change modes, control the pleasure with just one touch on the screen of your phone. You can create vibration options yourself; make Slovenes Hush vibrate to any melody in your phone, give pleasure to yourself and your partner, even during a typical walk.

Slovenes Hush is the most convenient cork in the world – there is a spiral on its leg, which will help you very easily insert and remove the cork, which is made of the most delicate silicone. Want to play in the bathroom or pool, in the Jacuzzi? No problem, Slovenes Hush is completely waterproof.

Benefits of Butt Plug

The total length of the cork is 12 cm; the depth of penetration is 10 cm. The maximum diameter of the head is 3.8 cm; the diameter of the leg is 1.9 cm.

  • It has a soft and comfortable stopper.
  • Has a USB charger, batteries in the past
  • up to 2 hours of continuous use
  • The head has a very comfortable diameter of 3.8 cm
  • Compatible with any water based lubricant.